Commit 0227ecc2 authored by Clément Bœsch's avatar Clément Bœsch Committed by Carl Eugen Hoyos

build: avoid stdin stall with GNU AS probing.

a758c5e2 added probing for various tools, such as AS. Unfortunately, GNU
AS is reading stdin with -v, and thus configure is stalled with
configure arguments such as --as=as.

Fixes Ticket #1898.
(cherry picked from commit dbb41f93)
parent 65daa390
......@@ -2495,7 +2495,9 @@ probe_cc(){
unset _depflags _DEPCMD _DEPFLAGS
if $_cc -v 2>&1 | grep -q '^gcc.*LLVM'; then
if $_cc --version 2>&1 | grep -q '^GNU assembler'; then
true # no-op to avoid reading stdin in following checks
elif $_cc -v 2>&1 | grep -q '^gcc.*LLVM'; then
gcc_extra_ver=$(expr "$($_cc --version | head -n1)" : '.*\((.*)\)')
_ident="llvm-gcc $($_cc -dumpversion) $gcc_extra_ver"
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