Commit 086ab001 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer


Based on a patch by Stefano Sabatini.

Originally committed as revision 12167 to svn://
parent 31304587
......@@ -32,6 +32,24 @@
#undef exit
double parse_number_or_die(const char *context, const char *numstr, int type, double min, double max)
char *tail;
const char *error;
double d = strtod(numstr, &tail);
if (*tail)
error= "Expected number for %s but found: %s\n";
else if (d < min || d > max)
error= "The value for %s was %s which is not within %f - %f\n";
else if(type == OPT_INT64 && (int64_t)d != d)
error= "Expected int64 for %s but found %s\n";
return d;
fprintf(stderr, error, context, numstr, min, max);
void show_help_options(const OptionDef *options, const char *msg, int mask, int value)
const OptionDef *po;
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