Commit 0a0e340f authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun

configure: Make avconv depend on null, anull and resample filters

Building avconv without that functionality makes little sense.
parent 69f086e0
......@@ -1771,8 +1771,9 @@ swscale_deps="avutil"
# programs
avconv_deps="avcodec avfilter avformat avresample swscale"
avconv_select="aformat_filter asyncts_filter
format_filter fps_filter scale_filter setpts_filter"
avconv_select="aformat_filter anull_filter asyncts_filter format_filter
fps_filter null_filter resample_filter scale_filter
avplay_deps="avcodec avformat avresample swscale sdl"
avprobe_deps="avcodec avformat"
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