Commit 0c1e384c authored by Fabrice Bellard's avatar Fabrice Bellard


Originally committed as revision 62 to svn://
parent 2cb1773d
......@@ -15,8 +15,12 @@ version 0.4.5:
- fixed opendivx bugs with newer versions (added VOL header decoding).
- added support for mplayer interface.
- added macroblock skip optimization.
- added MJPEG decoder (still lacking some jpeg features).
- added MJPEG decoder.
- added mmx/mmxext idct from libmpeg2.
- added pgmyuvpipe, ppm, and ppm_pipe formats (original patch by Celer
- added pixel format convertion layer (e.g. for MJPEG or PPM).
- added deinterlacing option.
version 0.4.4:
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