Commit 1044a92a authored by Stefano Sabatini's avatar Stefano Sabatini


print_all_lib_versions() -> print_all_libs_info()

Originally committed as revision 24433 to svn://
parent b6525b4b
......@@ -304,7 +304,7 @@ void print_error(const char *filename, int err)
#define INDENT 1
#define SHOW_VERSION 2
#define PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream,libname,LIBNAME,flags) \
#define PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream,libname,LIBNAME,flags) \
if (flags & SHOW_VERSION) { \
unsigned int version = libname##_version(); \
......@@ -317,16 +317,16 @@ void print_error(const char *filename, int err)
} \
} \
static void print_all_lib_versions(FILE* outstream, int flags)
static void print_all_libs_info(FILE* outstream, int flags)
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avutil, AVUTIL, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avcore, AVCORE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avcodec, AVCODEC, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avformat, AVFORMAT, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avdevice, AVDEVICE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, avfilter, AVFILTER, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, swscale, SWSCALE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_VERSION(outstream, postproc, POSTPROC, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avutil, AVUTIL, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avcore, AVCORE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avcodec, AVCODEC, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avformat, AVFORMAT, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avdevice, AVDEVICE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, avfilter, AVFILTER, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, swscale, SWSCALE, flags);
PRINT_LIB_INFO(outstream, postproc, POSTPROC, flags);
static void maybe_print_config(const char *lib, const char *cfg)
......@@ -362,12 +362,12 @@ void show_banner(void)
PRINT_LIB_CONFIG(AVFILTER, "libavfilter", avfilter_configuration());
PRINT_LIB_CONFIG(SWSCALE, "libswscale", swscale_configuration());
PRINT_LIB_CONFIG(POSTPROC, "libpostproc", postproc_configuration());
print_all_lib_versions(stderr, INDENT|SHOW_VERSION);
print_all_libs_info(stderr, INDENT|SHOW_VERSION);
void show_version(void) {
printf("%s " FFMPEG_VERSION "\n", program_name);
print_all_lib_versions(stdout, SHOW_VERSION);
print_all_libs_info(stdout, SHOW_VERSION);
void show_license(void)
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