Commit 1defd2a8 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer


Originally committed as revision 3298 to svn://
parent c79b8011
version <next>:
version 0.4.9-pre1:
- DV encoder, DV muxer
- Microsoft RLE video decoder
- Microsoft Video-1 decoder
......@@ -14,7 +15,70 @@ version <next>:
- RealVideo 2.0 (RV20) decoder
- Duck TrueMotion v1 (DUCK) video decoder
- Sierra VMD demuxer and video decoder
- MSZH and ZLIB decoder support
- SVQ1 video encoder
- AMR-WB support
- PPC optimisations
- rate distortion optimal cbp support
- rate distorted optimal ac prediction for mpeg4
- rate distorted optimal lambda->qp support
- AAC encoding with libfaac
- Sunplus JPEG codec (SP5X) support
- use lagrange multipler instead of qp for ratecontrol
- theora/VP3 decoding support
- XA and ADX ADPCM codecs
- export mpeg2 active display area / pan scan
- Add support for configuring with IBM XLC
- floating point AAN DCT
- initial support for zygovideo (not complete)
- rgb ffv1 support
- new audio/video parser API
- av_log() system
- av_read_frame() and av_seek_frame() support
- missing last frame fixes
- seek by mouse in ffplay
- noise reduction of dct coefficients
- h263 OBMC & 4MV support
- h263 alternative inter vlc support
- h263 loop filter
- h263 slice structured mode
- interlaced DCT support for MPEG2 encoding
- stuffing to stay above min_bitrate
- mb type & qp vissualization
- frame stepping for ffplay
- interlaced motion estimation
- alternate scantable support
- SVCD scan offset support
- closed gop support
- SSE2 fdct
- quantizer noise shaping
- G.726 ADPCM audio codec
- MS ADPCM encoding
- multithreaded/SMP motion estimation
- multithreaded/SMP encoding for MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4/H263
- multithreaded/SMP decoding for MPEG2
- FLAC decoder
- Metrowerks CodeWarrior suppport
- h263+ custom pcf support
- nicer output for 'ffmpeg -formats'
- matroska demuxer
- SGI image format, encoding and decoding
- h264 loop filter support
- h264 CABAC support
- nicer looking arrows for the motion vector vissualization
- improved VCD support
- audio timestamp drift compensation
- mpeg2 YUV 422/444 support
- polyphase kaiser windowed sinc and blackman nuttall windowed sinc audio resample
- better image scaling
- h261 support
- correctly interleave packets during encoding
- VIS optimized motion compensation
- intra_dc_precission>0 encoding support
- support reuse of motion vectors/mb types/field select values of the source video
- more accurate deblock filter
- padding support
- many optimizations and bugfixes
version 0.4.8:
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