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Add a minor bump, changelog/APIchanges entry and some documentation for APIC support.

parent 2dfea120
......@@ -10,6 +10,7 @@ version <next>:
- Apple ProRes encoder
- Sun Rasterfile Encoder
- remove libpostproc
- ID3v2 attached pictures reading and writing
version 0.8:
......@@ -12,6 +12,10 @@ libavutil: 2011-04-18
API changes, most recent first:
2012-xx-xx - xxxxxxx - lavf 54.2.0 - avformat.h
Add AVStream.attached_pic and AV_DISPOSITION_ATTACHED_PIC,
used for dealing with attached pictures/cover art.
2012-02-25 - c9bca80 - lavu 51.24.0 - error.h
......@@ -361,5 +361,39 @@ Wrap around segment index once it reaches @var{limit}.
avconv -i in.mkv -c copy -map 0 -f segment -list out.list out%03d.nut
@end example
@section mp3
The MP3 muxer writes a raw MP3 stream with an ID3v2 header at the beginning and
optionally an ID3v1 tag at the end. ID3v2.3 and ID3v2.4 are supported, the
@code{id3v2_version} option controls which one is used. The legacy ID3v1 tag is
not written by default, but may be enabled with the @code{write_id3v1} option.
For seekable output the muxer also writes a Xing frame at the beginning, which
contains the number of frames in the file. It is useful for computing duration
of VBR files.
The muxer supports writing ID3v2 attached pictures (APIC frames). The pictures
are supplied to the muxer in form of a video stream with a single packet. There
can be any number of those streams, each will correspond to a single APIC frame.
The stream metadata tags @var{title} and @var{comment} map to APIC
@var{description} and @var{picture type} respectively. See
@url{} for allowed picture types.
Note that the APIC frames must be written at the beginning, so the muxer will
buffer the audio frames until it gets all the pictures. It is therefore advised
to provide the pictures as soon as possible to avoid excessive buffering.
Write an mp3 with an ID3v2.3 header and an ID3v1 footer:
avconv -i INPUT -id3v2_version 3 -write_id3v1 1 out.mp3
@end example
Attach a picture to an mp3:
avconv -i input.mp3 -i cover.png -c copy -metadata:s:v title="Album cover"
-metadata:s:v comment="Cover (Front)" out.mp3
@end example
@c man end MUXERS
......@@ -30,7 +30,7 @@
#include "libavutil/avutil.h"
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