Commit 376589e5 authored by Vittorio Giovara's avatar Vittorio Giovara

mov: Read alternate absolute path in dref alis

Absolute paths can be stored in alis type 2 and 18 according to my research:
the first is the canonical MacOS filepath, with path level separated by
colons, and the volume name within the filepath, while the second should be the
absolute filesystem path from the mount point.
parent 22526c1f
......@@ -518,12 +518,14 @@ static int mov_read_dref(MOVContext *c, AVIOContext *pb, MOVAtom atom)
av_log(c->fc, AV_LOG_DEBUG, "type %d, len %d\n", type, len);
if (len&1)
len += 1;
if (type == 2) { // absolute path
if (type == 2 || type == 18) { // absolute path
dref->path = av_mallocz(len+1);
if (!dref->path)
avio_read(pb, dref->path, len);
if (type == 18) // no additional processing needed
if (len > volume_len && !strncmp(dref->path, dref->volume, volume_len)) {
len -= volume_len;
memmove(dref->path, dref->path+volume_len, len);
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