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doxy: add a section about versioning.

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* @li @ref lavu "libavutil" common utility library
* @li @ref lavr "libavresample" audio resampling, format conversion and mixing
* @li @subpage libswscale color conversion and scaling library
* @section libav_versioning Versioning and compatibility
* Each of the Libav libraries contains a version.h header, which defines a
* major, minor and micro version number with the
* <em>LIBRARYNAME_VERSION_{MAJOR,MINOR,MICRO}</em> macros. The major version
* number is incremented with backward incompatible changes - e.g. removing
* parts of the public API, reordering public struct members, etc. The minor
* version number is incremented for backward compatible API changes or major
* new features - e.g. adding a new public function or a new decoder. The micro
* version number is incremented for smaller changes that a calling program
* might still want to check for - e.g. changing behavior in a previously
* unspecified situation.
* Libav guarantees backward API and ABI compatibility for each library as long
* as its major version number is unchanged. This means that no public symbols
* will be removed or renamed. Types and names of the public struct members and
* values of public macros and enums will remain the same (unless they were
* explicitly declared as not part of the public API). Documented behavior will
* not change.
* In other words, any correct program that works with a given Libav snapshot
* should work just as well without any changes with any later snapshot with the
* same major versions. This applies to both rebuilding the program against new
* Libav versions or to replacing the dynamic Libav libraries that a program
* links against.
* However, new public symbols may be added and new members may be appended to
* public structs whose size is not part of public ABI (most public structs in
* Libav). New macros and enum values may be added. Behavior in undocumented
* situations may change slightly (and be documented). All those are accompanied
* by an entry in doc/APIchanges and incrementing either the minor or micro
* version number.
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