Commit 418693bd authored by Anton Khirnov's avatar Anton Khirnov

lavc: rewrite and extend AVFrame doxy

parent d02202e0
......@@ -972,11 +972,19 @@ enum AVSideDataParamChangeFlags {
* Audio Video Frame.
* New fields can be added to the end of AVFRAME with minor version
* bumps. Removal, reordering and changes to existing fields require
* a major version bump.
* sizeof(AVFrame) must not be used outside libav*.
* This structure describes decoded (raw) audio or video data.
* AVFrame must be allocated using avcodec_alloc_frame() and freed with
* avcodec_free_frame(). Note that this allocates only the AVFrame itself. The
* buffers for the data must be managed through other means.
* AVFrame is typically allocated once and then reused multiple times to hold
* different data (e.g. a single AVFrame to hold frames received from a
* decoder). In such a case, avcodec_get_frame_defaults() should be used to
* reset the frame to its original clean state before it is reused again.
* sizeof(AVFrame) is not a part of the public ABI, so new fields may be added
* to the end with a minor bump.
typedef struct AVFrame {
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