Commit 53781bf1 authored by Alexander Strange's avatar Alexander Strange Committed by Michael Niedermayer

Update todo

All the known bugs in h264 are fixed so I'm calling it done.
(cherry picked from commit 9cec36a6845c17e90a8d0c2cf9b03a00987c31f0)
parent 225083ac
......@@ -23,9 +23,6 @@ field pictures in the same packet are not optimal. Modify the
nals_needed check so that the second field's first slice is
considered as needed, then uncomment the FIXME code in decode_postinit.
- The code added to shorten frame gaps (to avoid allocating more than 16 new frames)
appears to be wrong by inspection. It does not handle prev_frame_num > frame_num,
and "h->frame_num - h->sps.ref_frame_count - 1" should be "h->frame_num - h->sps.ref_frame_count".
- Packed B-frames need to be explicitly split up
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