Commit 63e01c2f authored by Diego Biurrun's avatar Diego Biurrun Committed by Mans Rullgard

fate: add convenient shorthands for ea-vp6, libavcodec, libavutil tests

Signed-off-by: 's avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent f2a5586c
FATE_TESTS += fate-golomb
FATE_LIBAVCODEC += fate-golomb
fate-golomb: libavcodec/golomb-test$(EXESUF)
fate-golomb: CMD = run libavcodec/golomb-test
fate-golomb: REF = /dev/null
FATE_TESTS += fate-iirfilter
FATE_LIBAVCODEC += fate-iirfilter
fate-iirfilter: libavcodec/iirfilter-test$(EXESUF)
fate-iirfilter: CMD = run libavcodec/iirfilter-test
fate-libavcodec: $(FATE_LIBAVCODEC)
FATE_TESTS += fate-adler32
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-adler32
fate-adler32: libavutil/adler32-test$(EXESUF)
fate-adler32: CMD = run libavutil/adler32-test
fate-adler32: REF = /dev/null
FATE_TESTS += fate-aes
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-aes
fate-aes: libavutil/aes-test$(EXESUF)
fate-aes: CMD = run libavutil/aes-test
fate-aes: REF = /dev/null
FATE_TESTS += fate-base64
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-base64
fate-base64: libavutil/base64-test$(EXESUF)
fate-base64: CMD = run libavutil/base64-test
FATE_TESTS += fate-crc
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-crc
fate-crc: libavutil/crc-test$(EXESUF)
fate-crc: CMD = run libavutil/crc-test
FATE_TESTS += fate-des
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-des
fate-des: libavutil/des-test$(EXESUF)
fate-des: CMD = run libavutil/des-test
fate-des: REF = /dev/null
FATE_TESTS += fate-eval
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-eval
fate-eval: libavutil/eval-test$(EXESUF)
fate-eval: CMD = run libavutil/eval-test
FATE_TESTS += fate-fifo
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-fifo
fate-fifo: libavutil/fifo-test$(EXESUF)
fate-fifo: CMD = run libavutil/fifo-test
FATE_TESTS += fate-md5
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-md5
fate-md5: libavutil/md5-test$(EXESUF)
fate-md5: CMD = run libavutil/md5-test
FATE_TESTS += fate-sha
FATE_LIBAVUTIL += fate-sha
fate-sha: libavutil/sha-test$(EXESUF)
fate-sha: CMD = run libavutil/sha-test
fate-libavutil: $(FATE_LIBAVUTIL)
FATE_TESTS += fate-ea-vp60
FATE_EA_VP6 += fate-ea-vp60
fate-ea-vp60: CMD = framecrc -i $(SAMPLES)/ea-vp6/g36.vp6
FATE_TESTS += fate-ea-vp61
FATE_EA_VP6 += fate-ea-vp61
fate-ea-vp61: CMD = framecrc -i $(SAMPLES)/ea-vp6/MovieSkirmishGondor.vp6 -t 4
fate-ea-vp6: $(FATE_EA_VP6)
FATE_VP3 += fate-vp31
fate-vp31: CMD = framecrc -i $(SAMPLES)/vp3/vp31.avi
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