Commit 7f2b3dca authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard

configure: arm: check inline and external asm support for extensions

This tests instruction set support in both inline and external asm.
If both fail, the base config option is disabled.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent c6ebc9fa
......@@ -3152,12 +3152,14 @@ EOF
warn "Compiler does not indicate floating-point ABI, guessing $fpabi."
enabled armv5te && check_inline_asm armv5te '"qadd r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6 && check_inline_asm armv6 '"sadd16 r0, r0, r0"'
enabled armv6t2 && check_inline_asm armv6t2 '"movt r0, #0"'
enabled armvfp && check_inline_asm armvfp '"fadds s0, s0, s0"'
enabled neon && check_inline_asm neon '"vadd.i16 q0, q0, q0"'
enabled vfpv3 && check_inline_asm vfpv3 '"vmov.f32 s0, #1.0"'
enabled armv5te && check_insn armv5te 'qadd r0, r0, r0'
enabled armv6 && check_insn armv6 'sadd16 r0, r0, r0'
enabled armv6t2 && check_insn armv6t2 'movt r0, #0'
enabled armvfp && check_insn armvfp 'fadds s0, s0, s0'
enabled neon && check_insn neon 'vadd.i16 q0, q0, q0'
enabled vfpv3 && check_insn vfpv3 'vmov.f32 s0, #1.0'
map 'enabled_any ${v}_external ${v}_inline || disable $v' $ARCH_EXT_LIST_ARM
check_inline_asm asm_mod_q '"add r0, %Q0, %R0" :: "r"((long long)0)'
check_inline_asm asm_mod_y '"vmul.i32 d0, d0, %y0" :: "x"(0)'
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