Commit 88d1e2b2 authored by Mans Rullgard's avatar Mans Rullgard

intfloat_readwrite: fix signed addition overflows

These additions might overflow the signed range for large
input values.  Converting to unsigned before the addition
rather than after avoids such undefined behaviour.  The
result under normal two's complement wraparound remains
Signed-off-by: 's avatarMans Rullgard <>
parent 30c3d976
......@@ -30,13 +30,13 @@
#include "intfloat_readwrite.h"
double av_int2dbl(int64_t v){
if(v+v > 0xFFEULL<<52)
if((uint64_t)v+v > 0xFFEULL<<52)
return NAN;
return ldexp(((v&((1LL<<52)-1)) + (1LL<<52)) * (v>>63|1), (v>>52&0x7FF)-1075);
float av_int2flt(int32_t v){
if(v+v > 0xFF000000U)
if((uint32_t)v+v > 0xFF000000U)
return NAN;
return ldexp(((v&0x7FFFFF) + (1<<23)) * (v>>31|1), (v>>23&0xFF)-150);
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