Commit bc839fb3 authored by Michael Niedermayer's avatar Michael Niedermayer

Changelog: Update for the last 3 commits

Signed-off-by: 's avatarMichael Niedermayer <>
parent 1fab842f
......@@ -2,6 +2,9 @@ Entries are sorted chronologically from oldest to youngest within each release,
releases are sorted from youngest to oldest.
version 3.4.1:
- avcodec/vp9_superframe_split_bsf: Fix integer overflow in frame_size/total_size checks
- avcodec/amrwbdec: Fix division by 0 in voice_factor()
- avformat/utils: Fix warning: ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code
- avcodec/decode: reset codec on receiving packet after EOF in compat_decode
- avcodec/diracdsp: Fix integer overflow in PUT_SIGNED_RECT_CLAMPED()
- avcodec/dirac_dwt: Fix integer overflows in COMPOSE_DAUB97*
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