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A newer Changelog

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version 0.4.7:
FFmpeg Changelog
<h1> FFmpeg Changelog </h1>
version 0.4.7 (0.5 ???):
- 4X multimedia playback system including 4xm file demuxer (Mike
Melanson), and 4X video and audio codecs (Michael)
- Creative YUV (CYUV) decoder (Mike Melanson)
- FFV1 codec (our very simple lossless intra only codec, compresses much better
then huffyuv) (Michael)
- ASV1 (Asus), H.264, Intel indeo3 codecs has been added (Various)
- Tiny PNG encoder and decoder, tiny GIF decoder, PAM decoder (PPM with
alpha support), JPEG YUV colorspace support. (Fabrice Bellard)
- ffplay has been replaced with a newer version which uses SDL (optionally)
for multi platform support (fabrice)
- Sorenson Version 3 codec (SVQ3) support has been added (decoding only) - donated
by anonymous
- AMR format has been added (Johannes Carlsson)
- 3gp support has been added (Joca, improved by Johannes Carlson)
- VP3 codec has been added (Mike Melanson)
- more MPEG-1/2 fixes
- Better Multi platform support, MS Visual Studio fixes (various)
- Altivec optimizations (Magnus Damn and others)
- SH4 processor support has been added (BERO)
- New public interfaces (avcodec_get_pix_fmt) (Roman Shaposhnick)
- VOB Streaming support (Brian Foley)
- Better MP3 Autodetection (Andriy Rysin)
- qpel encoding (Michael)
- 4mv+b frames encoding finally fixed (Michael)
- chroma ME (Michael)
- 5 comparission functions for ME (Michael)
- b frame encoding speedup (Michael)
- wmv2 codec (unfinished)
- wmv2 codec (unfinished - Michael)
- user specified diamond size for EPZS (Michael)
.. And lots more new enhances and fixes.
version 0.4.6:
- completely new integer only mpeg audio layer 1/2/3 decoder rewritten
......@@ -47,8 +80,8 @@ version 0.4.6:
version 0.4.5:
- some header fixes (Zdenek Kabelac <>).
- many MMX optimizations (Nick Kurshev <>).
- some header fixes (Zdenek Kabelac &lt;;).
- many MMX optimizations (Nick Kurshev &lt;;).
- added configure system (actually a small shell script).
- added mpeg audio layer 1/2/3 decoding using LGPL'ed mpglib by
Michael Hipp (temporary solution - waiting for integer only
......@@ -65,12 +98,12 @@ version 0.4.5:
- added MJPEG decoder.
- added mmx/mmxext idct from libmpeg2.
- added pgmyuvpipe, ppm, and ppm_pipe formats (original patch by Celer
- added pixel format convertion layer (e.g. for MJPEG or PPM).
- added deinterlacing option.
- mpeg1/2 fixes.
- mpeg4 vol header fixes (Jonathan Marsden <>).
- ARM optimizations (Lionel Ulmer <>).
- mpeg4 vol header fixes (Jonathan Marsden &lt;;).
- ARM optimizations (Lionel Ulmer &lt;;).
- Windows porting of file converter.
- added MJPEG raw format (input/ouput).
- added JPEG image format support (input/output).
......@@ -78,7 +111,7 @@ version 0.4.5:
version 0.4.4:
- fixed some std header definitions (Bjorn Lindgren
- added mpeg demux (mpeg 1 and 2 compatible).
- added ASF demux.
- added prototype RM demux.
......@@ -100,7 +133,7 @@ version 0.4.4:
version 0.4.3:
- BGR24 patch (initial patch by Jeroen Vreeken <>).
- BGR24 patch (initial patch by Jeroen Vreeken &lt;;).
- fixed raw yuv output.
- added motion rounding support in MPEG4.
- fixed motion bug rounding in MSMPEG4.
......@@ -115,7 +148,7 @@ this +codec ;) (JuanJo).
- suppressed 'img:' protocol. Simply use: /tmp/test%d.[pgm|Y] as input or
- added pgmpipe I/O format (original patch from Martin Aumueller
<>, but changed completely since we use a format
&lt;;, but changed completely since we use a format
instead of a protocol).
version 0.4.2:
......@@ -167,7 +200,7 @@ version 0.4.0:
- added wav format support.
- added "tty user interface" to ffmpeg to stop grabbing gracefully.
- added MMX/SSE optimizations to SAD (Sums of Absolutes Diferences)
(Juan J. Sierralta P. a.k.a. "Juanjo" <>).
(Juan J. Sierralta P. a.k.a. "Juanjo" &lt;;).
- added MMX DCT from mpeg2_movie 1.5 (Juanjo).
- added new motion estimation algorithms, log and phods (Juanjo).
- changed directories : libav for format handling, libavcodec for
......@@ -197,3 +230,7 @@ version 0.3.1: added avi/divx support
- added sound for flash format (not tested)
version 0.3: initial public release
<hr>Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Fabrice Bellard <hr>Fabrice Bellard - <em> fabrice.bellard at </em> - <A HREF=""> </A> - <A HREF=""> </A>
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