Commit f2ce813e authored by Sean McGovern's avatar Sean McGovern Committed by Diego Biurrun

configure: suncc: Add compiler arch support for Nehalem & Sandy Bridge

GCC does not appear to have a -march= string for Westmere, which is a
bit surprising as it has a few more instructions than a Nehalem, but
a few less than a Sandy Bridge.
Signed-off-by: 's avatarDiego Biurrun <>
parent ddb00942
......@@ -2182,6 +2182,8 @@ suncc_flags(){
prescott|nocona) echo -xarch=sse3 -xchip=pentium4 ;;
*-sse3) echo -xarch=sse3 ;;
core2) echo -xarch=ssse3 -xchip=core2 ;;
corei7) echo -xarch=sse4_2 -xchip=nehalem ;;
corei7-avx) echo -xarch=avx -xchip=sandybridge ;;
amdfam10|barcelona|bdver*) echo -xarch=sse4_1 ;;
athlon-4|athlon-[mx]p) echo -xarch=ssea ;;
......@@ -2655,7 +2657,7 @@ elif enabled x86; then
disable cmov
# targets that do support conditional mov (cmov)
enable cmov
enable fast_cmov
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