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doc/ffmpeg-resampler: Try to document async

Improvements welcome!
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......@@ -145,6 +145,14 @@ value of 28 gives SoX's 'Very High Quality'.
For soxr only, selects passband rolloff none (Chebyshev) & higher-precision
approximation for 'irrational' ratios. Default value is 0.
@item async
For swr only, simple 1 parameter audio sync to timestamps using stretching,
squeezing, filling and trimming. Setting this to 1 will enable filling and
trimming, larger values represent the maximum amount in samples that the data
may be stretched or squeezed for each second.
Default value is 0, thus no compensation is applied to make the samples match
the audio timestamps.
@item min_comp
For swr only, set the minimum difference between timestamps and audio data (in
seconds) to trigger stretching/squeezing/filling or trimming of the
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