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      Merge remote-tracking branch 'qatar/release/0.7' into release/0.8 · 64bc5f3b
      Michael Niedermayer authored
      * qatar/release/0.7:
        Update RELEASE file for 0.7.6
        Update changelog for 0.7.6 release
        ea: check chunk_size for validity.
        png: check bit depth for PAL8/Y400A pixel formats.
        x86: fix build with gcc 4.7
        qdm2: clip array indices returned by qdm2_get_vlc().
        kmvc: Check palsize.
        aacsbr: prevent out of bounds memcpy().
        rtpdec_asf: Fix integer underflow that could allow remote code execution
        dpcm: ignore extra unpaired bytes in stereo streams.
        tqi: Pass errors from the MB decoder
        h264: Add check for invalid chroma_format_idc
        adpcm: ADPCM Electronic Arts has always two channels
        h263dec: Disallow width/height changing with frame threads.
        vqavideo: return error if image size is not a multiple of block size
        celp filters: Do not read earlier than the start of the 'out' vector.
        motionpixels: Clip YUV values after applying a gradient.
        h263: more strictly forbid frame size changes with frame-mt.
        h264: additional protection against unsupported size/bitdepth changes.
      Merged-by: 's avatarMichael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at>
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