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    Merge branch 'master' into oldabi · 56629aa0
    Michael Niedermayer authored
    * master:
      mmsh: fixed printf injection bug in mmsh request
      ac3enc: use correct alignment and length in channel coupling dsp functions.
      ffmpeg: don't abuse a global for passing framerate from input to output
      ffmpeg: don't abuse a global for passing channels from input to output
      ffmpeg: don't abuse a global for passing samplerate from input to output
      Make buffer size check consistent and avoid a possible overflow.
      Fix spelling.
      Full support for sending H.264 in RTP
      ARM: update ff_h264_idct8_add4_neon for 4:4:4 changes
      swscale: use SwsContext for av_log when available
      Support reading chan atoms with empty channel descriptions.
      Reindent after last commit.
      Fix multi-channel AAC encoding.
      Fix "redundant redeclaration" warning.
      Fix compilation with --disable-everything --enable-encoder=ac3/ac3_fixed.
      vf_mp: Fix large memleak.
      swscale: Remove HAVE_MMX from files that are only compiled with MMX enabled.
      swscale: Fix compilation with --disable-mmx2.
      mjpegenc: Fix JFIF version
      swscale: remove misplaced comment.
      ffmpeg: fix streaming to ffserver.
      swscale: split out RGB48 output functions from yuv2packed[12X]_c().
      build: move vpath directives to main Makefile
      swscale: fix JPEG-range YUV scaling artifacts.
      build: move ALLFFLIBS to a more logical place
      ARM: factor some repetitive code into macros
      CrystalHD: Use mp4toannexb bitstream filter.
      CrystalHD: Keep mp4toannexb filter around for entire decoder lifetime.
      Fix SVQ3 after adding 4:4:4 H.264 support
      H.264: fix CODEC_FLAG_GRAY
      4:4:4 H.264 decoding support
      matroskadec: properly decode color space in an endian neutral way
      matroskadec: use a temporary fourcc variable
      matroskaenc: ensure the written colorspace don't depend on host endianness
      ac3enc: fix allocation of floating point samples.
      utils: Drop pointless '#if 1' preprocessor directive.
      ac3enc: remove empty ac3_float function that is never called
      ac3enc: split templated float vs. fixed functions into a separate file.
      ac3enc: dynamically allocate AC3EncodeContext fields windowed_samples and mdct
      ac3enc: use function pointer to choose between AC-3 and E-AC-3 header output functions.
      Roll back 4:4:4 H.264 for now Needs some ARM/PPC asm modifications.
      Fix SVQ3 after adding 4:4:4 H.264 support
      H.264: fix CODEC_FLAG_GRAY
      4:4:4 H.264 decoding support
      h264_parser: Fix whitespace after previous change.
      h264_parser: Fix behaviour when PARSER_FLAG_COMPLETE_FRAMES is set.
      wav: remove an invalid free().
      lavf: initialise reference_dts in av_estimate_timings_from_pts.
      h264: don't be so picky on decoding pps in extradata.
      avcodec.h: add or elaborate on some documentation comments.
      h264: change a few comments into error messages
      ac3dec: fix doxy-style for comment ("///>" should be "///<" instead).
      img2: add .dpx to the list of supported file extensions.
      ffv1: fix undefined behavior with insane widths.
      replace remaining usage of deprecated av_metadata_set2() by av_dict_set()
      matroskaenc: write colourspace element for rawvideo tracks
      nsv: simplify probe function
      nsv: return error code instead of discarding it in read_header()
      ARM: jrevdct_arm: simplify stack usage
      ARM: jrevdct_arm: use push/pop mnemonics
      ARM: jrevdct_arm: misc cleanup
      ARM: optimised mpadsp_apply_window_fixed
      Add some (important) changelog entries
      H264: Reduce pointless diffs to qatar
      Revert "H264: Split out hl_motion and template it, this seems a bit faster"
      libavfilter: implement avfilter_fill_frame_from_video_buffer_ref()
      avfiltergraph: make the AVFilterInOut alloc/free API public
      avfiltergraph: change the syntax of avfilter_graph_parse()
      graphparser: prefer void * over AVClass * for log contexts
      h264: Complexify frame num gap shortening code
      Update todo
      mpeg12: replace 2 asserts by av_assert0
      cmdutils: add missing NULL check in parse_options()
      x11grab: remove a memory allocation and the associated memcpy.
      Fix --disable-everything
      build: fix "make install" with documentation disabled
      build: simplify some conditional targets
      resample: clarify supported resampling.
      lavfi: fix signature for avfilter_graph_parse() and avfilter_graph_config()
      avfiltergraph: use meaningful error codes
      Revert "ac3: there was no libav in 2010 thus this code cannot be from  libav."
      Fix -t option for formats which holds dts and no pts
      dnxhd: Renama tables
      Extract rotation in MOV metadata
      bitstream: Properly promote av_reverse values before shifting.
      pixfmt: Replace 9/10bit deprecation by a technical explanation.
      libavutil/swscale: YUV444P10/YUV444P9 support.
      H.264: Fix high bit depth explicit biweight
      h264: Fix 10-bit H.264 x86 chroma v loopfilter asm.
      Replace DEBUG_SEEK/DEBUG_SI + av_log combinations by av_dlog.
      Update copyright year for ac3enc_opts_template.c.
      adts: Adjust frame size mask to follow the specification.
      APIchanges: fill hash for the avfilter_get_audio_buffer_ref_from_arrays addition
      lavfi: avfilter_merge_formats: handle case where inputs are same
      lavfi: use avfilter_get_audio_buffer_ref_from_arrays() in defaults.c
      lavfi: implement avfilter_get_audio_buffer_ref_from_arrays()
      APIchanges: remove duplicated entry
      APIchanges: fill in dates and numbers
      APIchanges: remove duplicated entry
      APIchanges: correctly interleave entries
      APIchanges: add entry for av_force_cpu_flags() addition
      lavf: bump minor after the addition of fps_probe_size to AVFormatContext
      lavc: bump minor after the addition of AVCodecContext.request_sample_fmt
      movenc: Add RTP muxer/hinter options
      movenc: Pass the RTP AVFormatContext to the SDP generation
      rtspenc: Add RTP muxer options
      rtspenc: Add an AVClass for setting muxer specific options
      rtpenc_chain: Pass the rtpflags options through to the chained muxer
      rtpenc: Declare the rtp flags private AVOptions in rtpenc.h
      sdp: Reindent after the previous commit
      rtpenc: MP4A-LATM payload support
      avoptions: Add an av_opt_flag_is_set function for inspecting flag fields
      sdp: Allow passing an AVFormatContext to the SDP generation
      mov: Fix wrong timestamp generation for fragmented movies that have time offset caused by the first edit list entry.
      mpeg12: more advanced ffmpeg mpeg2 aspect guessing code.
      ac3: there was no libav in 2010 thus this code cannot be from  libav.
      swscale: split YUYV output out of yuv2packed[12X]_c().
      dict: This code was developed in ffmpeg and not libav, nor by libav developers. Correct copyright notices.
      lavf: make compute_pkt_fields2() return meaningful error values
      matroskadec: set timestamps for RealAudio packets.
      intelh263dec: aspect ratio processing fix.
      intelh263dec: fix "Strict H.263 compliance"  file playback
      oss,sndio: simplify by using FFMIN.
      swscale: extract monowhite/black output from yuv2packed[12X]_c().
      swscale: de-macro'ify RGB15/16/32 input functions.
      swscale: rearrange code.
      movdec: Add support for the 'wfex' atom.
      ffmpeg.c: Add a necessary const qualifier
      riff: Fix potential memleak.
      swscale: change 48bit RGB input macros to inline functions.
      swscale: change 9/10bit YUV input macros to inline functions.
      swscale: extract gray16 output functions from yuv2packed[12X]().
      swscale: use standard clipping functions.
      swscale: merge macros that are used only once.
      swscale: fix function declarations in swscale.c.
      swscale: fix function declaration keywords in x86/swscale_template.c.
      jpegdec: actually search for and parse RSTn
      crypto: Use av_freep instead of av_free
      Revert "crypto: fix potential double free"
      Revert "build: remove empty $(OBJS) target"
      crypto: Use av_freep instead of av_free
      aac: fix adts frame size mask, fix demuxer probing for some files.
      lavf: don't try to free private options if priv_data is NULL.
      lavfi: handle NULL lists in avfilter_make_format_list
      swscale: fix types of assembly arguments.
      swscale: move two macros that are only used once into caller.
      swscale: remove unused function.
      Fix "mixed declarations and code" warnings.
      options: Add missing braces around struct initializer.
      mov: Remove leftover crufty debug statement with references to a local file.
      dvbsubdec: Fix compilation of debug code.
      Remove all uses of now deprecated metadata functions.
      Move metadata API from lavf to lavu.
      crypto: fix potential double free
      libx264: fix double free
      ffplay: remove -debug option
      ffplay: remove -vismv option
      mpegvideo: use av_get_picture_type_char() in ff_print_debug_info()
      Remove some non-compiling debug messages.
      ffplay: Fix non-compiling debug printf and replace it by av_dlog.
      H264: x86 predict init cosmetics.
      ac3enc: Fix linking of AC-3 encoder without the E-AC-3 encoder.
      Move E-AC-3 encoder functions to a separate eac3enc.c file.
      ac3enc: remove convenience macro, #define DEBUG
      ac3enc: remove unused #define
      vc1: re-initialize tables after width/height change.
      APIchanges: fill-in git commit hash for av_get_bytes_per_sample() addition
      samplefmt: add av_get_bytes_per_sample()
      libvpxenc: add forgotten AVClass.
      iirfilter: fix biquad filter coefficients.
      swscale: remove duplicate conversion routine in swScale().
      swscale: add yuv2planar/packed function typedefs.
      swscale: integrate yuv2nv12X_C into yuv2yuvX() function pointers.
      swscale: reindent x86 init code.
      swscale: extract SWS_FULL_CHR_H_INT conditional into init code.
      swscale: cosmetics.
      swscale: remove alp/chr/lumSrcOffset.
      swscale: un-special-case yuv2yuvX16_c().
      shorten: Remove stray DEBUG #define and corresponding av_dlog statement.
      vorbisdec: Restore mistakenly removed debug output.
      v4l2: set default standard to NULL
      sws: make dither_scale const
      configure: Document --enable-vdpau.
      Replace some av_log/printf + #ifdef combinations by av_dlog.
      Replace some nonstandard DEBUG_* preprocessor directives by plain DEBUG.
      svq1dec: Fix debug statements that referenced non-existing context.
      Replace some printf instances in debug code by av_log.
      showfiltfmts: use av_get_pix_fmt_name()
      inverse.c: Replace unnecessary intmath.h header by necessary stdint.h.
      Drop unnecessary directory prefixes from #include directives.
      Makefile: critical build fix after the merge. make fate passed locally due to ffmpeg/ffmpeg_g being there from before
      ffplay: Fix -vismv
      mem: Trying to workaround posix_memalign() bug on OSX
      build: remove empty $(OBJS) target
      build: make rule for linking ff* apply only to these targets
      eval: add support for pow() function
      build: rearrange some lines in a more logical way
      s302m: fix resampling for 16 and 24bits.
      ARM: remove MUL64 and MAC64 inline asm
      build: clean up .PHONY lists
      build: move all (un)install* target aliases to toplevel Makefile
      flvenc: propagate error properly
      build: remove stale dependency
      build: do not add CFLAGS-yes to CFLAGS
      utils.c: fix crash with threading enabled.
      configure: simplify source_path setup
      configure: remove --source-path option
      pixdesc: remove duplicated header inclusion
      lavfi: use av_samples_alloc() in avfilter_default_get_audio_buffer()
      lavfi: prefer nb_samples over size in AVFilterBufferRefAudioProps
      samplefmt: switch nb_channels/nb_samples params order in av_samples_alloc()
      samplefmt: change layout for arrays created by av_samples_alloc() and _fill_arrays()
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.time_base.
      img2: add framerate private option.
      img2: add video_size private option.
      img2: add pixel_format private option.
      tty: add framerate private option.
      Move code for "ffmpeg: fix massive leak occurring when seeking" / e4841a40 elsewhere
      lavf: remove reference to output-example in Makefile
      vsrc_buffer: add flags param to av_vsrc_buffer_add_video_buffer_ref
      Remove some unused scripts from tools/.
      Add x86 assembly for some 10-bit H.264 intra predict functions.
      v4l2: do not force NTSC as standard
      Add const to avfilter_get_video_buffer_ref_from_arrays arguments.
      Skip tableprint.h during 'make checkheaders'.
      Remove unnecessary LIBAVFORMAT_BUILD #ifdef.
      Drop explicit filenames from @file Doxygen tags.
      Skip generated table headers during 'make checkheaders'.
      lavf,lavc: free avoptions in a generic way.
      AVOptions: add av_opt_free convenience function.
      sdl: align option fields after last commit
      ffmpeg: fix massive leak occurring when seeking
      ffprobe: implement -i FILE option
      tableprint: Restore mistakenly deleted common.h #include for FF_ARRAY_ELEMS.
      ffplay.texi: document -i FILE option
      cmdutils: remove unnecessary OPT_DUMMY implementation
      cmdutils: change the signature of the function argument in parse_options()
      sdl: use the filename for defining the window title, if not specified
      tiff: print log in case of unknown / unsupported tag.
      tiff: fix linesize for mono-white/black formats.
      Fix build of eval-test program
      configure: Document --enable-vaapi
      swscale: override the lack of the accurate rounding flag when needed for dither.
      swscale: factor should_dither out
      ac3enc: extract all exponents for the frame at once
      ARM: remove MULL inline asm
      mathops: use MUL64 macro where it forms part of other ops
      tty: factorise returning error codes.
      rawdec: add framerate private option.
      x11grab: add framerate private option.
      fbdev,v4l2: remove some forgotten uses of AVFormatParameters.time_base.
      bktr: don't error when AVFormatParameters.time_base isn't set.
      cmdutils: add missing const qualifier
      Skip headers not designed to work standalone during 'make checkheaders'.
      Add missing #includes to make headers self-contained.
      musepack: remove unnecessary #include from mpcdata.h
      musepack: remove extraneous mpcdata.h inclusions
      Fix error check in av_file_map()
      udp: support old, crappy non pthread mode
      ffmpeg: use opt_acodec when setting audio codec in opt_target.
      ffmpeg: fix segfault with too many output files
      ffplay: error out with invalid sample rate or channels.
      oggdec: fix Ticket185
      build: simplify commands for clean target
      j2kdec: dont fail on non zero cblock style.
      makefile: fix j2k encoder dependancies
      udp: fix indention
      swscale: split swscale.c in unscaled and generic conversion routines.
      swscale: cosmetics.
      swscale: integrate (literally) swscale_template.c in swscale.c.
      swscale: split out x86/swscale_template.c from swscale.c.
      swscale: enable hScale_altivec_real.
      swscale: split out ppc _template.c files from main swscale.c.
      swscale: remove indirections in ppc/swscale_template.c.
      swscale: split out unscaled altivec YUV converters in their own file.
      mpegvideoenc: fix multislice fate tests with threading disabled.
      cmdutils: move "#undef main" from ffplay.c to cmdutils.h
      wav: update size check for ds64
      wav: fix skip size at end of ds64 chunk
      mpegts: Wrap #ifdef DEBUG and av_hex_dump_log() combination in a macro.
      build: Simplify texi2html invocation through the --output option.
      Mark some variables with av_unused
      Replace avcodec_get_pix_fmt_name() by av_get_pix_fmt_name().
      svq3: Check negative mb_type to fix potential crash.
      svq3: Move svq3-specific fields to their own context.
      rawdec: initialize return value to 0.
      Remove unused get_psnr() prototype
      rawdec: don't leak option strings.
      bktr: get default framerate from video standard.
      swscale: remove unused COMPILE_TEMPLATE_ALTIVEC.
      h264 fill_filter_caches: Dont init chroma nnz_cache.
      In print_report, print progression time in hours:mins:secs:us
      ffmpeg: In print_report, use int64_t for pts to check for 0 and avoid inf value for bitrate.
      In libswscale, use all lines when converting from 422p to rgb with mmx, improve quality.
      Replace custom DEBUG preprocessor trickery by the standard one.
      vorbis: Remove non-compiling debug statement.
      vorbis: Remove pointless DEBUG #ifdef around debug output macros.
      cook: Remove non-compiling debug output.
      Remove pointless #ifdefs around function declarations in a header.
      Replace #ifdef + av_log() combinations by av_dlog().
      Replace custom debug output functions by av_dlog().
      cook: Remove unused debug functions.
      lavfi: add avfilter_link_free() function
      swscale: reintroduce sws_format_name() symbol
      Remove stray extra arguments from av_dlog() invocations.
      targa: fix big-endian build
      v4l2: remove one forgotten use of AVFormatParameters.pix_fmt.
      vfwcap: add a framerate private option.
      v4l2: add a framerate private option.
      libdc1394: add a framerate private option.
      fbdev: add a framerate private option.
      bktr: add a framerate private option.
      oma: check avio_read() return value
      nutdec: remove unused variable
      Remove unused variables
      swscale: dither for planar yuv outputs
      swscale: Fix use of uninitialized values (bug probably introduced from a marge of libav)
      cpudetect: add av_force_cpu_flags()
      swscale: allocate larger buffer to handle altivec overreads.
      H264/MPEG frame-level multi-threading.
      vsrc_buffer: propagate error code in av_vsrc_buffer_add_frame()
      lavfi: reindent after the previous commit
      lavfi: add braces around the block of an if() expression in avfilter_default_get_video_buffer
      lavfi: clarify the context of a comment in avfilter_default_get_video_buffer()
      lavfi: apply misc style fixes
      Cosmetic changes to h264_idct_10bit.asm.
      2x faster h264_idct_add8_10.
      aacenc: Add stereo_mode option.
      h264: remove CONFIG_GPL from x86 intra prediction code.
      doc: cosmetics: libx264 typos
      postprocess: Remove test for impossible condition (was: Re: postprocess.c: replace check for p==NULL with *p==0)
      Fix various uninitialized variable warnings
      Port remove of get_sws_cpuflags from MPlayer's libmpcodecs.
      Replace "vector const" by "const vector" otherwise gcc 4.6.0 fails.
      Port recent changes to MPlayer libmpcodecs.
      Replace non-existent HAVE_SSE2 with HAVE_SSE.
      Simplify code and avoid compiler warning about incompatible types.
      Fix type of out[] variable, it should not be const.
      ARM: ac3dsp: optimised update_bap_counts()
      mpegaudiodec: Fix av_dlog() invocation.
      swscale: fix compilation of bfin due to missing pixdesc.h header
      lavf: tag dump_format() as @deprecated
      yuv4mpeg: complain and exit if a non-rawvideo stream is selected
      ffmpeg: handle copy of packets for AVFMT_RAWPICTURE output formats
      doc/examples: give meaningful names to the example files
      h264/10bit: add HAVE_ALIGNED_STACK checks.
      swscale: More accurate rounding in YSCALE_YUV_2_PACKEDX_FULL_C()
      Update 8-bit H.264 IDCT function names to reflect bit-depth.
      Add IDCT functions for 10-bit H.264.
      mpegaudioenc: Fix broken av_dlog statement.
      Employ correct printf format specifiers, mostly in debug output.
      ARM: fix MUL64 inline asm for pre-armv6
      doc: add libvpx encoder section
      vf_drawtext: Replace FFmpeg by Libav in license boilerplate.
      mpegaudiodec: remove unusued code and variables
      postprocess.c: filter name needs to be double 0 terminated
      improved 'edts' atom writing support
      mpegaudio: clean up compute_antialias() definition
      vp8: fix segmentation race during frame-threading.
      Port libmpcodec fixes from MPlayer.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'ffmpeg-mt/master'
      swscale: Remove unused variable.
      ARM: simplify inline asm with 64-bit operands
      Add "const" to avoid "initialization discards qualifiers" warning.
      Add const to fix "cast discards qualifiers" warnings.
      Include pixdesc.h for av_get_pix_fmt_name.
      wav: Don't avio_seek() if we know we'll run into EOF
      api-example: uppercase first letter in "copyright"
      output-example: create @file doxy from text in the copyright header
      examples: move API examples to a dedicated dir in doc
      ffmpeg: simplify opt_*_codec() options
      v4l2: rewrite code iterating the supported standards
      v4l2: perform minor style fixes
      v4l2: replace memset() with explicit struct initialization
      rawdec: fail in case of unknow pixel format
      swscale: remove sws_format_name()
      error.c: fix compile flags
      TCP: change default timeout to 5sec
      Revert "Timeout TCP open() after 5 seconds."
      Fix various unused variable warnings
      Fix various bad printf format warnings
      ARM: enable UAL syntax in asm.S
      Remove now unused nb_istreams variable.
      Add const to vector types for input in altivec code.
      Remove unused variable, avoiding compiler warning.
      Cast pointers to uintptr_t rather than unsigned int.
      v4l2: don't leak video standard string on error.
      swscale: Remove disabled code.
      avfilter: Surround function only used in debug mode by appropriate #ifdef.
      vf_crop: Replace #ifdef DEBUG + av_log() by av_dlog().
      build: remove BUILD_ROOT variable
      vp8: use av_clip_uintp2() where possible
      swscale: Commits that could not be pulled earlier due to bugs #2
      Commits that could not be pulled earlier due to bugs.
      Revert 1a5e4fd8 for postproc. This broke the code
      doc: correct AC-3 option subsection placement
      ac3enc: fix LOCAL_ALIGNED usage in count_mantissa_bits()
      ac3dsp: do not use the ff_* prefix when referencing ff_ac3_bap_bits.
      swscale: use av_clip_uint8() in yuv2yuv1_c().
      swscale: replace formatConvBuffer[VOF] by allocated array.
      v4l2: create file @doxy from text in the copyright header
      v4l2: remove pointless empty lines
      v4l2: set default standard to NULL
      v4l2: use OFFSET macro when setting options
      ac3dsp: fix loop condition in ac3_update_bap_counts_c()
      ARM: unbreak build
      lavdev: add SDL output device
      ac3enc: modify mantissa bit counting to keep bap counts for all values of bap instead of just 0 to 4.
      ac3enc: split mantissa bit counting into a separate function.
      ac3enc: store per-block/channel bap pointers by reference block in a 2D array rather than in the AC3Block struct.
      lavu: add av_get_pix_fmt_name() convenience function
      iff: remove duplicated file description
      cmdutils: remove OPT_FUNC2
      get_bits: add av_unused tag to cache variable
      sws: replace all long with int.
      ARM: aacdec: fix constraints on inline asm
      ARM: remove unnecessary volatile from inline asm
      ARM: add "cc" clobbers to inline asm where needed
      ARM: improve FASTDIV asm
      ac3enc: use LOCAL_ALIGNED macro
      APIchanges: fill in git hash for av_get_pix_fmt_name (0420bd7).
      lavu: add av_get_pix_fmt_name() convenience function
      cmdutils: remove OPT_FUNC2
      swscale: fix crash in bilinear scaling.
      vpxenc: add VP8E_SET_STATIC_THRESHOLD mapping
      webm: support stereo videos in matroska/webm muxer
      rgb2rgb: remove duplicate mmx/mmx2/3dnow/sse2 functions.
      swscale: reindent h[cy]scale_fast() and updateDitherTables().
      swscale: reformat x86/swscale_template.c.
      swscale: remove duplicate mmx/mmx2 functions if they are identical.
      swscale: remove if (c->dstFormat) branch from yuv2packed[12X]().
      swscale: remove if(full_chr_int) from yuv2packed1().
      swscale: remove if(accurate_rnd) branch from functions.
      swscale: revive SWS_CPU_CAPS until next major bump.
      swscale: Remove commented-out printf cruft.
      Export PCR pid
      Export more transport stream information.
      Output MPEG-TS stream identifiers.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.pix_fmt.
      rawdec: add a pixel_format private option.
      v4l2: add a pixel_format private option.
      libdc1394: add a pixel_format private option.
      cosmetics: indentation and alignment after previous commit
      ac3enc: add support for E-AC-3 encoding.
      ac3enc: Move AC-3 AVOptions array to a separate file to make it easier to use only selected options for the different AC-3 encoder types.
      ARM: disable ff_vector_fmul_vfp on VFPv3 systems
      ARM: check for VFPv3
      swscale: Remove unused variables in x86 code.
      doc: Drop DJGPP section, Libav now compiles out-of-the-box on FreeDOS.
      x86: Add appropriate ifdefs around certain AVX functions.
      cmdutils: use sws_freeContext() instead of av_freep().
      swscale: delay allocation of formatConvBuffer().
      swscale: fix build with --disable-swscale-alpha.
      movenc: Deprecate the global RTP hinting flag, use a private AVOption instead
      movenc: Add an AVClass for setting muxer specific options
      libdc1394: choose best video mode and rate based on camera capabilities.
      Remove support for libdc1394 < 2.0.
      avopt: fix segfault
      swscale: fix non-bitexact yuv2yuv[X2]() MMX/MMX2 functions.
      swscale: dont loose precission on RGB/BGR48 input, that is dont drop half the bits.
      patch checklist: suggest --disable-yasm test.
      lavdev: prefer the inclusion of avdevice.h over that of libavformat/avformat.h
      lavdev: include libavformat/avformat.h in avdevice.h
      fate.txt: replace FATE rsync command with a make command
      configure: report yasm/nasm presence properly
      tcp: make connect() timeout properly
      rawdec: factor video demuxer definitions into a macro.
      rtspdec: add initial_pause private option.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.width/height.
      tty: add video_size private option.
      rawdec: add video_size private option.
      x11grab: add video_size private option.
      x11grab: factorize returning error codes.
      vfwcap: add video_size private option.
      v4l2: add video_size private option.
      v4l2: factorize returning error codes.
      libdc1394: add video_size private option.
      libdc1394: return meaninful error codes.
      bktr: add video_size private option.
      bktr: factorize returning error codes.
      Fix memleak
      Fix typo
      Remove specific note when not specific
      Minor cleanup in libx264.c
      Add metadata conversion table to the wav demuxer
      Fix 32bit rawvideo in avi on big-endian.
      id3v2: Check malloc result. ID3v2 tags can be very large.
      id3v2: Initialize tflags for version 2.2.
      webm: Additional options/presets for VP8 encodes under FFmpeg
      muxers: Add a flag to mark muxers that allow (non strict) monotone timestamps.
      swscale: Do not loose precission on yuv values after rgb->yuv.
      libx264: support aspect Ratio Switch
      ARM: add ARMv6 optimised av_clip_uintp2
      ARM: remove volatile from asm statements in libavutil/intmath
      ARM: fix av_clipl_int32_arm()
      v4l: include avdevice.h
      ffserver: move close_connection() call to avoid a temporary string and copy.
      lavf: initialize demuxer private options.
      AVOptions: set string default values.
      Fix compilation with YASM/NASM versions not supporting AVX.
      lavdevice: mark v4l for removal on next major bump.
      swscale: fix compile on ppc.
      swscale: fix compile on x86-32.
      build: Remove generated .version file on distclean.
      configure: Add -D_GNU_SOURCE to CPPFLAGS on OS/2.
      doc: Drop hint at --enable-memalign-hack for MinGW, it is now autodetected.
      ffplay: Remove disabled code.
      Mark parameterless function declarations as 'void'.
      swscale: use av_clip_uint8() in yuv2yuv1_c().
      swscale: remove VOF/VOFW.
      swscale: split chroma buffers into separate U/V planes.
      swscale: replace formatConvBuffer[VOF] by allocated array.
      rgb2rgb: remove duplicate mmx/mmx2/3dnow/sse2 functions.
      swscale: reindent h[cy]scale_fast() and updateDitherTables().
      swscale: reformat x86/swscale_template.c.
      swscale: remove duplicate mmx/mmx2 functions if they are identical.
      swscale: remove if (c->dstFormat) branch from yuv2packed[12X]().
      swscale: remove if(full_chr_int) from yuv2packed1().
      swscale: remove if(accurate_rnd) branch from functions.
      ffserver: Fix a null pointer dereference as a result of the FF_API_MAX_STREAMS cleanup.
      libdc1394: fix compilation.
      swscale: revive SWS_CPU_CAPS until next major bump.
      swscale: Remove commented-out printf cruft.
      ac3enc: initialize all coefficients to zero.
      ffv1: fix 16bits multithreading
      doc: create separate section for audio encoders
      swscale: Remove orphaned, commented-out function declaration.
      swscale: Eliminate rgb24toyv12_c() duplication.
      mpegvideo_enc: use AV_LOG_ERROR instead of AV_LOG_INFO for two error messages
      Fail when lowres value is lower than 0
      Remove h263_msmpeg4 from MpegEncContext.
      APIchanges: Fill in git hash for fps_probe_size (30315a8d)
      avformat: Add fpsprobesize as an AVOption.
      swscale: document SWS_CPU_CAPS*
      Revert removial of SWS flags from e66149e7
      avoptions: Return explicitly NAN or {0,0} if the option isn't found
      rtmp: Reindent
      rtmp: Don't try to do av_malloc(0)
      swscale: remove duplicatiopn of rgb24toyv12_c()
      Return -1 on invalid input instead of crashing.
      vf_mp: fix name of the remove-logo filter referenced in filters.texi
      tty: replace AVFormatParameters.sample_rate abuse with a private option.
      Fix end time of last chapter in compute_chapters_end
      ffmpeg: get rid of useless AVInputStream.nb_streams.
      ffmpeg: simplify managing input files and streams
      ffmpeg: purge redundant AVInputStream.index.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.channel.
      libdc1394: add a private option for channel.
      dv1394: add a private option for channel.
      v4l2: reindent.
      v4l2: add a private option for channel.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.standard.
      v4l2: add a private option for video standard.
      v4l: add a private option for video standard.
      dv1394: add a private option for video standard.
      bktr: add a private option for video standard.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.{channels,sample_rate}.
      rawdec: add sample_rate/channels private options.
      ALSA: add channels and sample_rate private options.
      oss: add channels and sample_rate private options.
      sndio: add channels and sample_rate private options.
      lavf: deprecate AVFormatParameters.mpeg2ts_raw.
      mpegts: add compute_pcr option.
      lavf: add priv_class field to AVInputFormat.
      lavfi: add select filter
      eval: implement not() expression
      vsrc_buffer: return an error code if no frames are available
      ffmpeg: handle the case when get_filtered_frame() fails
      indeo3: add out-of-buffer write check
      Add reading of disc number to mov.c
      Fix end time of last chapter in compute_chapters_end().
      Do not reset channel_layout to 0.
      vsrc_buffer: remove duplicated file description
      Merge swscale bloatup This will be cleaned up in the next merge
      swscale: MMX optim of hscale16()
      swscale: dont loose bits on planar >8bit yuv ind gray nput.
      swscale: Switch to ronalds yuv2yuvX16inC_template() its very similar to baptsites and supports alpha
      configure: enable memalign_hack automatically when needed
      rawdec: fix decoding of QT WRAW files
      matroska: improve declaration of video_stereo_* constant tables
      matroskadec: fix reverted condition to accept combine_plane operation
      Fix register types for LOAD_AB arguments, fixes compilation with NASM.
      swscale: unbreak the build on non-x86 systems.
      swscale: remove if(bitexact) branch from functions.
      swscale: remove if(canMMX2BeUsed) conditional.
      swscale: remove swScale_{c,MMX,MMX2} duplication.
      swscale: use emms_c().
      Move emms_c() from libavcodec to libavutil.
      tiff: set palette in the context when specified in TIFF_PAL tag
      rtsp: use strtoul to parse rtptime and seq values.
      pgssubdec: fix incorrect colors.
      dvdsubdec: fix incorrect colors.
      ape: Allow demuxing of files with metadata tags.
      swscale: remove dead macro WRITEBGR24OLD.
      swscale: remove AMD3DNOW "optimizations".
      swscale: remove duplicate code in ppc/ subdirectory.
      swscale: remove duplicated x86/ functions.
      swscale: force --enable-runtime-cpudetect and remove SWS_CPU_CAPS_*.
      vsrc_buffer.h: add file doxy
      vsrc_buffer: tweak error message in init()
      wav: fix various printf warnings related to wrong argument type
      wav: propagate ff_get_wav_header() error code in w64_read_header()
      msmpeg4: reindent.
      lavc: remove msmpeg4v1 encoder.
      Remove avconfig.h and INCINSTDIRs on uninstall.
      ac3enc: add channel coupling support
      partial revert of 01d3ebaf
      fate: reenable frext-pph10i4_panasonic_a after the bitstream has been fixed
      avcodec_find_decoder: prefer non experimental decoders.
      j2kdec: mark as CODEC_CAP_EXPERIMENTAL
      j2k[c/h] j2kdec.c: Implement 2 code block styles
      j2k: Add void as the parameter of function ff_j2k_init_tier1_luts
      Add Kamil Nowosads j2k code.
      matroska: cleanup handling of video stereo mode
      oggdec: use av_dlog()
      mem: define the MAX_MALLOC_SIZE constant and use it in place of INT_MAX
      configure: Add -U__STRICT_ANSI__ to CPPFLAGS on Cygwin and DOS.
      muxers.texi changes for mkv/webm options
      aacdec: fix typo in scalefactor clipping check
      mpegaudio: Correct license header
      add 5.1 to stereo downmix to resample.c this is based on previous 6to2channel-resample.patch from ffmpeg2theora but updated to work with trunk and using av_clip_int16.
      fate: fix fate-h264-conformance-frext-pph10i4-panasonic-a crcs.
      fate: update 9/10bit refs.
      h264: Properly set coded_{width, height} when parsing H.264.
      x86 asm: Add SECTION_TEXT to dct32_sse.asm.
      Fix 9/10 bit in swscale.
      Do not ask for samples if a specific channel layout was requested.
      libx264: specify field for default union values in options
      movdec: dont divide by zero when stts_data[0].duration = 0.
      Fix ticket127
      dct32: Replacing libav by ffmpeg in the license header with the authors permission. Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at>
      ffmpeg: Don't trigger url_interrupt_cb on the first signal
      avoptions: Check the return value from av_get_number
      lavf: fix style for avformat_alloc_output_context2()
      lavf: deprecate avformat_alloc_output_context() in favor of avformat_alloc_output_context2()
      lavfi: make vsrc_buffer.h header public
      dct32_sse: eliminate some spills
      Fix compilation with --disable-yasm.
      Fix dct32() compilation with --disable-yasm
      mpeg2dec: Fix lowres 3
      lavfi: bump minor and add changelog entry after the split filter addition
      vf_split: add documentation to filters.texi
      vf_split: give more meaningful names to the output pads
      vf_split: define draw_slice() before end_frame()
      vf_split: add description
      vf_split: fix various nits
      wmadec: avoid infinit loop.
      DirectShow capture: Fix build
      ffmpeg: get rid of the -vglobal option.
      dct32: Add AVX implementation of 32-point DCT
      dct32: Change pass 6 permutation to allow for AVX implementation
      dct32: port SSE 32-point DCT to YASM
      matroska: switch stereo mode from int to string and add support in the demuxer too
      matroska: cosmetics
      Create a stereo_mode metadata tag to specify the stereo 3d video layout using the StereoMode tag in a matroska/webm video track.
      libavfilter: vf_split from soc.
      DirectShow capture support Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at>
      multiple inclusion guard cleanup
      avio: document buffer must created with av_malloc() and friends
      avio: check AVIOContext malloc failure
      swscale: point out an alternative to sws_getContext
      svq3: Do initialization after parsing the extradata
      Fix channel_layout documentation.
      add changelog entries for 0.7_beta2
      ffserver: dont just crash
      fix ffserver's SIGSEGV
      avoptions: Support getting flag values using av_get_int
      preset dir for win32
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'ffmpeg-mt/master'
      Add a flag to disable side data merging.
      Merge/split side data.
      Encoding alac with more than two channels is not supported.
      mp3lame: add #include required for AV_RB32 macro.
      configure: make executable again
      LATM/AAC: Free previously initialized context on reinit.
      configure: Do not unconditionally add -Wall to host CFLAGS.
      configure: Set OS/2 objformat to a.out.
      Add support for a.out object format to assembler macros.
      fate: disable threading for encoding
      fate: add comment field
      fate: allow overriding default build and install dirs
      mpegtsenc: Add an AVClass pointer to the private data
      mpegaudio: clean up #includes
      mpegaudio: move all header parsing to mpegaudiodecheader.[ch]
      vf_libopencv: prefer opencv/cxcore.h over cxtypes.h
      decoders.texi: fix typos in rawvideo section
      cmdutils: use const AVClass * when senseful
      encoders.texi: add documentation for the libx264 encoder
      decoders.texi: add documentation for rawvideo decoder and options
      doc: add decoders.texi file
      encoders.texi: decrease level for audio encoders section
      ffprobe.texi: remove inclusion of muxers section
      indeo3: release buffer in indeo3_decode_end()
      indeo3: remove unnecessary includes
      indeo3: add @file doxy and a link to multimedia wiki documentation
      cmdutils: reset *picref_ptr to NULL in get_filtered_frame()
      ffmpeg: remove useless NULL-check on avfilter_unref_buffer
      libmp3lame: include "libavutil/intreadwrite.h" header
      qdm2: Use floating point synthesis filter.
      h264: correct border check.
      h264: fix loopfilter with threading at slice boundaries.
      Fix ff_mpa_synth_filter_fixed() prototype
      rtpenc_chain: Pass the MP4A_LATM flag to chained muxers
      rtpenc: MP4A-LATM payload support
      movenc: Pass AVFormatContext flags to the SDP generation
      sdp: Allow passing AVFormatContext flags to the SDP generation
      vsrc_buffer: document av_vsrc_buffer_add_video_buffer_ref()
      vsrc_buffer: add av_vsrc_buffer_add_frame()
      vsrc_buffer: fix example in docs, add mandatory parameters
      vsrc_buffer: make the source accept sws_param in init
      vsrc_buffer: propagate avfilter_open() error code
      vsrc_buffer: fix style
      lavfi: add avfilter_get_video_buffer_ref_from_frame to avcodec.h
      vsrc_buffer: remove dependency on AVFrame
      Rename costablegen.c ---> cos_tablegen.c.
      Collapse tableprint.c into tableprint.h.
      Simplify trig table rules
      Remove potentially unstable filenames from comments in generated files.
      Ignore generated tables and generated table generator programs.
      Simplify CLEANFILES make variable by using wildcards.
      Remove silly insults from avformat_version() Doxygen documentation.
      mpegaudiodsp: fix x86 and ppc makefiles
      configure: Adjust AVX assembler check.
      mpegaudio: remove unused version of SAME_HEADER_MASK
      mpegaudio: remove useless #undef at end of file
      asfdec: add missing #include for av_bswap32()
      mpegaudio: merge two #if CONFIG_FLOAT blocks
      mpegaudio: move some struct definitions from mpegaudio.h
      Move some mpegaudio functions to new mpegaudiodsp subsystem
      Clean up #includes in cmdutils.h.
      g729: Merge g729.h into g729dec.c.
      av_find_stream_info: Print more details about max anaylize duration failures.
      10l: wrap float_interleave functions in HAVE_YASM.
      Add little description for -rc_override
      APIchanges: fill in date and commit for request_sample_fmt
      Add floating-point sample format support to the ac3, eac3, dca, aac, and vorbis decoders.
      Add support for request_sample_format in ffmpeg and ffplay.
      Add APIchanges entry for request_sample_fmt.
      Add request_sample_fmt field to AVCodecContext.
      Add float_interleave() to FmtConvertContext with x86-optimized versions.
      Remove unused make variable SEEK_REFFILE
      fate: remove redundant aref and vref references
      Parse 'bext' metadata in the wav demuxer
      Cosmetics: indent
      Keep parsing wav until EOF if the input is seekable and we know the size of the data tag
      Refactor the tag checking into a switch statement
      Use avio_tell() instead of url_ftell()
      add x264opts entry to docs
      cleaned up the udp.c, removed some variables and an av_log
      configure: favor pkg_config over sdl_config
      libx264: support passing arbitrary parameters.
      ffmpeg: dont show_banner() on verbose<0
      fate: remove do_ffmpeg_nocheck function
      fate: do not collect -benchmark output
      mpegaudiodec: remove decode_end() function
      fate: run aref and vref as regular tests
      mpegaudio: sanitise compute_antialias_* names
      mpeg12: add slice-threading checks to slice-threading initializers.
      h264: copy pixel_shift between slice threading contexts.
      mdec: enable frame-level multithreading.
      mdec.c: fix overread.
      id3v2: prevent unsigned integer overflow in ff_id3v2_parse()
      id3v2: add @file doxy and link to format documentation
      configure: opensolaris install is not compatible with ffmpeg, allow overriding it.
      Fix compilation of iirfilter-test.
      eval: opensolaris strtod() cannot handle 0x1234
      libx264: handle closed GOP codec flag
      lavf: remove duplicate assignment in avformat_alloc_context.
      lavf: use designated initializers for AVClasses.
      Make sure neither data_size nor sample_count is negative
      Refactor the 'fmt ' tag search and parsing
      flvdec: clenup debug code
      asfdec: fix possible overread on broken files.
      asfdec: do not fall back to binary/generic search
      asfdec: reindent after previous commit c7bd5eda
      asfdec: fallback to binary search internally
      mpegaudio: add _fixed suffix to some names
      Modify x86util.asm to ease transitioning to 10-bit H.264 assembly.
      ffmpeg: reset top_field_first in opt_input_file().
      dct: build dct32 as separate object files
      qdm2: include correct header for rdft
      Ogg demuxer: give meaningful error codes and warnings.
      update changelog with 9/10 bit H264 and FFV1 changes
      Add some forgotten const to function arguments in libavfilter & libavformat.
      Write channel_layout for multichannel aif files.
      Fix ff_mov_write_chan() so it can be used by other muxers.
      Fix some mov files with little endian audio (tickets 201 - 203).
      iff/8svx: redesign 8SVX demuxing and decoding for handling stereo samples correctly
      iff: compact code setting metadata tags
      iff: fix bitrate computation for compressed audio stream
      iff: distinguish fields for audio and video compression
      imgutils: introduce internal image_get_linesize() and use it
      imgutils: make av_image_get_linesize() return AVERROR(EINVAL) for invalid pixel formats
      drawtext: specify union type for setting default options
      drawtext: reindent after the previous commit
      drawtext: fix strftime() text expansion
      ffmpeg: fix -aspect cli option
      Restructure video filter implementation in ffmpeg.c.
      ffplay: remove audio_write_get_buf_size() forward declaration
      lavfi: print key-frame and picture type information in ff_dlog_ref()
      mathops: remove ancient confusing comment
      rawdec: Allow overriding top field first.
      ffmpeg: initialize input_codec array earlier.
      cmdutils: Allocate private decoder context if its not allocated yet.
      cws2fws: Improve error message wording.
      tools: Check the return value of write().
      mpegaudio: move OUT_FMT macro to mpegaudiodec.c
      mpegaudio: remove OUT_MIN/MAX macros
      Add missing #includes to mp3_header_(de)compress bsf
      dct: fix indentation
      dct: bypass table allocation for DCT_II of size 32
      pngdec: relax condition for setting monoblack pixel format
      h264dsp_mmx: Add #ifdefs around some mmxext functions on x86_64.
      Remove unused header mpegaudio3.h.
      Support decoding of 1bpp rawvideo in avi (ticket 205).
      Support decoding of 2bpp rawvideo in avi (ticket 206).
      Bump minor after adding a caf muxer.
      configure: another try on fixing osx/mingw SDL
      aacdec: Use float instead of int16_t for ltp_state to avoid needless rounding.
      av_picture_crop(): Support simple cases with packed pixels too.
      acelp: Remove unused gray_decode table.
      dfa: Remove unused variable.
      configure: Include AVX availability in summary output.
      rawdec: propagate pict_type information to the output frame
      showinfo: replace "CRC" by "checksum"
      showinfo: fix vertical align nit
      showinfo: fix computation of Adler checksum
      imgutils: generalize linesize computation for bitstream formats
      configure: use same CPPFLAGS in kFreeBSD as Linux
    Merged-by: 's avatarMichael Niedermayer <michaelni@gmx.at>
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