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    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Cleanup tabs and end of line whitespace · f28872ca
      Matt Stancliff authored
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Update dependency list in Makefile · dad05164
      Matt Stancliff authored
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Build static library by default · 9abfdf94
      Matt Stancliff authored
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Generate pkgconf during build · 1d2b4d38
      Matt Stancliff authored
      The pkgconf source is localized to the Makefile, so we're not dropping
      an unnecessary "hiredis.pc.in" in the source directory.
      Closes #129
      Closes #136
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Fix errno error buffers to not clobber errors · cc202324
      Matt Stancliff authored
      The strerror_r API has two flavors depending on system options.
      The bad flavor uses a static buffer for returning results, so if
      you save the pointer from strerror_r, the string you're referencing
      becomes useless if anybody else calls strerror_r again
      The good flavor does what you expect: it writes the error to your buffer.
      This commit uses strerror_r directly if it's a good version or copies
      the static buffer into our private buffer if it's a bad version.
      Thanks to gemorin for explaining the problem and drafting a fix.
      Fixes #239
    • tzickel's avatar
      Refactor reading code into read.c · ba3e74c4
      tzickel authored
      Makes hiredis reading functions easier to include in external projects
      [fixed all merge conflicts against current version]
      Closes #249
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Fix sds building with C++ · 0cacb485
      Matt Stancliff authored
      These should really just be macros to shut up our type system.
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Fix redisAppendCommand error result · 6a00a464
      Matt Stancliff authored
      Previously, redisvAppendCommand() would return OOM even with formatting
      errors.  Now we use OTHER with an error string telling the user the
      error was formatting related, not memory related.
      This also fixes a potentially worse bug where were would pass error result
      of -1 as an actual length to another function taking an unsigned length,
      which would result in crash/overallocation/errors.  Now for that case,
      we just return an error immediately and stop processing the command.
      Fixes #177
    • Christian Hergert's avatar
      Add GLib 2.0 adapter · 0c9ff5bb
      Christian Hergert authored
      [Cleaned up Makefile and header includes.  Didn't change crazy
      coding style because it's the convention for GLib systems.]
      Closes #83
      Closes #71
    • NanXiao's avatar
      Add empty pointer check in error cleanup · e30c96eb
      NanXiao authored
      If realloc fails, the curargv will be NULL.
      Closes #253
    • NanXiao's avatar
      Add error check in redisContextInit · d1e820d8
      NanXiao authored
      Check whether the obuf or reader is empty: if one of the items is empty,
      free the redisContext.
    • Nan Xiao's avatar
      Fix redisvFormatCommand format parsing · b6a86079
      Nan Xiao authored
      Flags can occur in any order in format string, so we can't assume any order.
      In original code, the redisvFormatCommand can process " %#+d" correctly,
      but can't process "%+#d".
      Closes #257
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Add API to free hiredis (sds) formattings · 9a753b42
      Matt Stancliff authored
      External callers may not know about sdsfree, so let's
      give them an easy way to know how to free their sds result.
    • Mareq's avatar
      Add API to free hiredis (char *) formattings · 1b392eb7
      Mareq authored
      [Cleaned up:
        - name of function: freeRedis... -> redisFree...
        - return value of function (free doesn't return anything)
        - parameter type for function.
          - we don't need to free a char**, the char** is just
          for returning from the assignment functoin.]
      Closes #250
    • Chris Lamb's avatar
      Fix build under kfreebsd · 85c6bfb0
      Chris Lamb authored
      Signed-off-by: 's avatarChris Lamb <chris@chris-lamb.co.uk>
      [Instead of checking for "not solaris" we feature detect
      for availability of what we want, then remove the system
      that advertises compatability but doesn't actually provide it
      (given our assumptions about what we're guarding).]
      Closes #254
    • Matt Stancliff's avatar
      Fix clang analyzer warning · 9b83ddc2
      Matt Stancliff authored
      redisAsyncInitialize() can return NULL, but then we pass
      the return value from redisAsyncInitialize() into something
      dereferencing the return value, which can cause crashies.
    • mike's avatar
      Add support for SO_REUSEADDR · 7c4d2557
      mike authored
      [This introduces some new API functions.]
      * Adds new flag to the connection context indicating SO_REUSEADDR
        should be set.
      * Adds max number of retries constant for when connect() hits
      * Adds new function, redisAsyncConnectBindWithReuse(), letting
        clients enable this functionality.
      [Removed trailing whitespace in new header lines.]
      Closes #264
    • jinguoli's avatar
      Improve calloc() correctness · a1bc89b2
      jinguoli authored
      [It doesn't _actually_ matter, but technically
      the order argument is: (number of items, size of items)]
      Closes #279
    • torque's avatar
      Cleanup libuv adapter · 9c573144
      torque authored
        - Removes misplaced libuv function prototype
        - Includes stdlib for free()
      Closes #251
    • michael-grunder's avatar
      Improve redisAppendCommandArgv performance · 40f7035b
      michael-grunder authored
      OK, perhaps the second time is a charm.  I forgot that I had
      hiredis forked from a long time ago, so the initial pull
      request was hosed.  :)
      * Pulled in sdscatfmt() from Redis, and modified it to accept a
        size_t (%T) style format specifier.
      * Pulled in sdsll2str() and sdsull2str() from Redis (needed by
      * Added a new method, redisFormatSdsCommandArgv() which takes
        and sds* as the target, rather than char* (and uses sdscatfmt
        instead of sprintf for the construction).
      I get roughly the following improvement:
      Old: 1.044806
      New: 0.481620
      The benchmark code itself can be found here:
      Closes #260
    • Hang Su's avatar
      Use stricter function argument types · 3315c098
      Hang Su authored
      'const' where we can.
      Closes #268
    • Chris Williams's avatar
      Fix README typos · 865a3683
      Chris Williams authored
      Closes #267
    • Gary Grossman's avatar
      Fix minor comment problems · 2d814b8d
      Gary Grossman authored
      "sdscatpritf" -> "sdscatprintf"
      Example used sdsempty("text") but should say sdsnew("text")
      Closes #282
    • Mohnish Thallavajhula's avatar
      Fix README typo · abbd3407
      Mohnish Thallavajhula authored
      Closes #285
    • Jan-Erik Rediger's avatar
      Free string if it is unused · 2a6dbdd2
      Jan-Erik Rediger authored
      If the string is already in the dict, we need to free this.
      Original fix by @tt33415366.
      Fixes #256
      Closes #286
    • Ryan Jacobs's avatar
      Add syntax highlighting to README.md · a1f6ce01
      Ryan Jacobs authored
      Closes #293
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