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    Adds an error-resilient mode with test · 01cafaab
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Adds an error-resilient mode where frames can be continued
    to be decoded even when there are errors (due to network losses)
    on a prior frame. Specifically, backward updates are turned off
    and probabilities of various symbols are reset to defaults at
    the beginning of each frame. Further, the last frame's mvs are
    not used for the mv reference list, and the sorting of the
    initial list based on search on previous frames is turned off
    as well.
    Also adds a test where an arbitrary set of frames are skipped
    from decoding to simulate errors. The test verifies (1) that if
    the error frames are droppable - i.e. frame buffer updates have
    been turned off - there are no mismatch errors for the remaining
    frames after the error frames; and (2) if the error-frames are non
    droppable, there are not only no decoding errors but the mismatch
    PSNR between the decoder's version of the post-error frames and the
    encoder's version is at least 20 dB.
    Change-Id: Ie6e2bcd436b1e8643270356d3a930e8989ff52a5