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    Fix bug in use of zoom metric as part of arf breakout. · 0226ce79
    paulwilkins authored
    The in/out (or zoom metrics) in accumulate_frame_motion_stats()
    are in effect a % of the blocks that have a motion vector pointing
    either towards or away from the center. As such they are already
    normalized in terms of image size and the thresholds against which
    these are tested should be image size independent.
    In practice a zoom either in or out is an indicator for a shorter group
    length so the abs value is more important as a breakout clause.
    This patch fixes the threshold test. Clips without noticeable zoom show
    no effect but some  with strong zooms such as "station" show a big
    gain (5-10%). Average psnr-hvs gain on hdres set was 0.292%
    Change-Id: I4f97a72b0e273e4e844ade15285749c32cd81c1c
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