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    vp9: Reset rc flags on some configuration changes. · a40fa1f9
    Marco authored
    For large dynamic changes in target avg_frame_bandwidth, or
    a change in resolution, via the update in change_config()),
    reset the under/overshoot flags (rc_1_frame, rc_2_frame)
    to prevent constraining the QP for the first few frames
    following the change.
    For SVC use the spatial stream avg_frame_bandwidth in
    reset condition.
    For the avg_frame_bandwidth condition, use fairly large
    threshold (~50%) for now in reset.
    This allows for better/faster QP response if, for example,
    application dynamically changes bitrate by large amount.
    Change-Id: Ib6e3761732d956949d79c9247e50dba744a535c0
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