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    Add visibility="protected" attribute for global variables referenced in asm files. · 0d88e154
    Rahul Chaudhry authored
    During aosp builds with binutils-2.27, we're seeing linker error
    messages of this form:
    libvpx.a(subpixel_mmx.o): relocation R_386_GOTOFF against preemptible
    symbol vp8_bilinear_filters_x86_8 cannot be used when making a shared
    subpixel_mmx.o is assembled from "vp8/common/x86/subpixel_mmx.asm".
    Other messages refer to symbol references from deblock_sse2.o and
    subpixel_sse2.o, also assembled from asm files.
    This change marks such symbols as having "protected" visibility. This
    satisfies the linker as the symbols are not preemptible from outside
    the shared library now, which I think is the original intent anyway.
    Change-Id: I2817f7a5f43041533d65ebf41aefd63f8581a452
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