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    Improve two pass VBR accuracy. · 0e1068a4
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Adjustments to the GF interval choice and minimum boost.
    Adjustment to the calculation of 2 pass worst q.
    Compared to 09/29 head there is metrics hit on derf of
    Compared to the September 29 head and a baseline on
    September 18 baseline the accuracy of the VBR rate control
    measured on the derf set is as follows:-
    Mean error %  / Mean abs(error %)
    Sept 18 baseline (-7.0% / 14.76%)
    Sept 29 head (-15.7%, 19.8%)
    This check in (-1.5% / 14.4%)
    The mean undershoot is reduced slightly but the
    worst case overshoot on e.g. harbour/highway is
    increased. This will be addressed in a later patch.
    Change-Id: Iffd9b0ab7432a131c98fbaaa82d1e5b40be72b58
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