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    Revert "Add visibility="protected" attribute for global variables referenced in asm files." · 2300e166
    Johann Koenig authored
    This reverts commit 0d88e154.
    Reason for revert: chromium builds are failing to locate vpx_rv during dlopen()
    dlopen failed: cannot locate symbol "vpx_rv" referenced by "libstandalonelibwebviewchromium.so"
    Original change's description:
    > Add visibility="protected" attribute for global variables referenced in asm files.
    > During aosp builds with binutils-2.27, we're seeing linker error
    > messages of this form:
    > libvpx.a(subpixel_mmx.o): relocation R_386_GOTOFF against preemptible
    > symbol vp8_bilinear_filters_x86_8 cannot be used when making a shared
    > object
    > subpixel_mmx.o is assembled from "vp8/common/x86/subpixel_mmx.asm".
    > Other messages refer to symbol references from deblock_sse2.o and
    > subpixel_sse2.o, also assembled from asm files.
    > This change marks such symbols as having "protected" visibility. This
    > satisfies the linker as the symbols are not preemptible from outside
    > the shared library now, which I think is the original intent anyway.
    > Change-Id: I2817f7a5f43041533d65ebf41aefd63f8581a452
    Change-Id: I0c2ea375aa7ef5fda15b9d9e23e654bb315c941b
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