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    vp8 : use threading mutex's for tsan only. · 318a1ff5
    Jim Bankoski authored
    To avoid decode performance hit of 2% when running on hyperthreaded
    This patch only uses the mutex's when we are running tsan.
    This is safe because 32 bit operations like read and store are atomic
    on all the platforms we care about. Tsan warns about race situations,
    but in this case either situation ( read occurs before write or write
    before read) the worst case is that we go around one extra time in the
    loop.  So the ordering doesn't really matter.
    That said a few other things have been tried :
    for instance as per here:
    In this patch they use:
    __atomic_load_n(i, __ATOMIC_ACQUIRE);
    __atomic_store_n(i, value, __ATOMIC_RELEASE);
    This code works on gcc, clang ( replacing protected write and read), and
    avoids tsan errors. Incurring no penalty in performance.  In C11 its
    replaced by straight atomic operands.
    However there is no equivalent in the visual studio's we support as
    int32 on all windows platforms is already atomic.  To avoid tsan like
    warnings on windows we'd need to use interlocked exchange and the
    end result doesn't gain us any thing.
    Change-Id: I2066e3c7f42641ebb23d53feb1f16f23f85bcf59
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