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    Revert "Remove the speed condition on scene detection in 1 pass code." · 8d438dc3
    Marco Paniconi authored
    This reverts commit 535b7b91.
    This is actually used in CBR to reset the rate control if high source sad is detected.
    Original change's description:
    > Remove the speed condition on scene detection in 1 pass code.
    > Scene detection is used for VBR mode and for screen_content mode.
    > It was also enabled for CBR mode via the speed condition,
    > but currently the analysis in the scene detection is not used
    > in CRB mode (similar computations are done locally at superblock level
    > when the source_sad feature is enabled).
    > For 1 pass code.
    > No change in behavior. Small speed gain, ~0.5%.
    > Change-Id: I59991d7ef2af320bea7af4b907596e057affa42f
    Change-Id: Ib4e6b02047f75632503e7b0fc870af97fa9291c3
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