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    Add adaptation option for VBR. · 869d4ca5
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Allow min and maxQ to creep when the undershoot
    or overshoot exceeds thresholds controlled by the
    command line under_shoot_pct and over_shoot_pct
    Default is 100%,100% which ~disables adaptation.
    Derf results for example undershoot% / overshoot%:-
    Head:- Mean abs (%rate error) = 14.4%
    This check in:-
    25%/25% - Mean abs (%rate error) = 6.7%
                      PSNR hit -1% SSIM -0.1%
    5% / 5%  - Mean abs (%rate error) = 2.2%
                     PSNR hit -3.3% SSIM - 1.1%
    Most of the remaining error and most of the quality hit is
    at extreme data rates. The adaptation code still has an
    exception for material that is in effect static so that we
    don't over adjust and over spend on YT slide show type
    Change-Id: If25a2449a415449c150acff23df713e9598d64c9
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