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    adapt the adjustment limit for rate correction factor in RTC mode · 9f79259e
    Yaowu Xu authored
    Rate correction factor is used to correct the estimated rate for any
    given quantizer, and feeds into rate control for quantizer selection.
    We make use of the actual bits used to calculate this rate correction
    factor with an adjustment limit to prevent over-adjustment.
    This commit adapts the adjustment limit to the difference between the
    estimated bits and the actual bits, allows the adjustment limit to vary
    between 0.125 (when estimate is close to actual) and 0.625 (when there
    is >10X factor off between estimated and actual bits). By doing this,
    the commit appears to have largely corrected two observed issues:
    1. Adjustment is too slow when the actual bits used is way off from
    estimate due to the small adjustment limit.
    2. Extreme oscillating quantizer choices due to the feedback loop.
    Change-Id: I4ee148d2c9d26d173b6c48011313ddb07ce2d7d6
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