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    Substantial reworking of code for arf and kf groups. · c389b37b
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Substantial restructuring of the way we estimate
    the rate of decay in prediction quality and determine
    the arf interval and amount of boost used.
    Also other changes to support moving to a lower first pass
    Q which exposes some new features and allows us to better
    distinguish genuinely static blocks from low motion or noisy
    Net gains now visible on all the test sets with std-hd PSNR up
    1.87%. There are still some bad outlier cases but most of these
    are low motion or slide show type content where the metrics
    are already high at any given rate. The best + case is up by
    more than 10%.
    Change-Id: I18e25170053bdf3188f493ff8062f48a74515815
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