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    New b-intra mode where direction is contextual · d01357bb
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Preliminary patch on a new 4x4 intra mode B_CONTEXT_PRED where the
    dominant direction from the context is used to encode. Various decoder
    changes are needed to support decoding of B_CONTEXT_PRED in conjunction
    with hybrid transforms since the scan order and tokenization depends on
    the actual direction of prediction obtained from the context. Currently
    the traditional directional modes are used in conjunction with the
    B_CONTEXT_PRED, which also seems to provide the best results.
    The gains are small - in the 0.1% range.
    Change-Id: I5a7ea80b5218f42a9c0dfb42d3f79a68c7f0cdc2
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