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    Revert "Re-enable disabled tests under TSan." · d7ba519b
    Jerome Jiang authored
    This reverts commit df9ce122.
    Reason for revert: 
    Re-enabled tests still fail tsan in high bitdepth.
    Original change's description:
    > Re-enable disabled tests under TSan.
    > These tests point to an already-fixed bug, this should no longer have a
    > data race.
    > BUG=webm:1049
    > Change-Id: Iaedc5db8df99362bdc501b70ff7fdebf8756fdb8
    # Not skipping CQ checks because original CL landed > 1 day ago.
    Bug: webm:1049
    Change-Id: I232f1f7726bf795b301abfb2e07cad6756642e53
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