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    Limit arf interval for low fpf clips. · effd974b
    paulwilkins authored
    This patch limits  the maximum arf interval length to
    approximately half a second. In some low fps animations in
    particular the existing code was selecting an overly long interval
    which was hurting visual quality. For a sample problem test clip
    (360P animation , 15fps, ~200Kbit/s) this change also improved
    metrics by >0.5 db.
    There may be some clips where this hurts metrics a little, but the
    worst case impact visually is likely to be less than having an
    interval that is much too long. On more normal material at 24
    fps or higher, the impact is likely to be nil/minimal.
    Change-Id: Id8b57413931a670c861213ea91d7cc596375a297
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