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    Bug fix for second reference stats. · f1ce050f
    paulwilkins authored
    Immediately following a key frame the trailing second reference
    error in the first pass stats will be based on a reference frame from
    the prior key frame group and will thus usually be much larger.
    This fix eliminates that effect (which typically triggers a short arf
    group immediately after a key frame). It also changes the accounting
    for the first frame in each new arf group.
    This change gives large gains on a couple of clips that contain mid
    sequence key frames (e.g. 6% on 1080P tennis). Overall there was
    a net gain in PSNR and PSNR-HVS ~(0.05- 0.4%) and mixed results for
    SSIM (+/- 0.2%).
    Change-Id: I8e00538ac2c0b5c2e7e637903cac329ce5c2a375
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