Commit 129a25c7 authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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test_libvpx: add <arch>.* to negative filter

in addition to <arch>/*. this will pick up tests defined with TEST()

Change-Id: I0917741baac89d9ce857f4d4aa53790e8a0c6c12
parent 85076fc5
...@@ -38,21 +38,21 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) { ...@@ -38,21 +38,21 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv) {
#if ARCH_X86 || ARCH_X86_64 #if ARCH_X86 || ARCH_X86_64
const int simd_caps = x86_simd_caps(); const int simd_caps = x86_simd_caps();
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_MMX)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_MMX))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":MMX/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":MMX.*:MMX/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE.*:SSE/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE2)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE2))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE2/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE2.*:SSE2/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE3)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE3))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE3/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE3.*:SSE3/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSSE3)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSSE3))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSSE3/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSSE3.*:SSSE3/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE4_1)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_SSE4_1))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE4_1/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":SSE4_1.*:SSE4_1/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_AVX)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_AVX))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":AVX/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":AVX.*:AVX/*");
if (!(simd_caps & HAS_AVX2)) if (!(simd_caps & HAS_AVX2))
append_negative_gtest_filter(":AVX2/*"); append_negative_gtest_filter(":AVX2.*:AVX2/*");
#endif #endif
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