Commit 2b247ae9 authored by paulwilkins's avatar paulwilkins
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Increase precision of some debug stats output for corpus VBR.

Change-Id: I75841797cc0c215781b5b36e3a3e9f4b0e35ba63
parent 416b7051
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ static void output_stats(FIRSTPASS_STATS *stats,
fpfile = fopen("firstpass.stt", "a");
"%12.0lf %12.4lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.4lf %12.4lf"
"%12.0lf %12.4lf %12.2lf %12.2lf %12.2lf %12.0lf %12.4lf %12.4lf"
"%12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf"
"%12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.4lf %12.0lf %12.0lf %12.0lf"
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