Commit 35c4a13e authored by Marco's avatar Marco
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vp9: Fix comment in speed features.

Change-Id: I65d79c06b152922d725bf559adaa508f91cd5766
parent 371a64bf
......@@ -456,12 +456,13 @@ typedef struct SPEED_FEATURES {
int short_circuit_flat_blocks;
// Skip a number of expensive mode evaluations for blocks with very low
// temporal variance.
// temporal variance. If the low temporal variance flag is set for a block,
// do the following:
// 1: Skip all golden modes and ALL INTRA for bsize >= 32x32.
// 2: Skip golden non-zeromv and newmv-last for bsize >= 16x16, skip ALL
// INTRA for bsize >= 32x32 and vert/horz INTRA for bsize 16x16, 16x32 and
// 32x16.
// 3: Same as (2), but also skip golden zeromv for low res.
// 3: Same as (2), but also skip golden zeromv.
int short_circuit_low_temp_var;
// Limits the rd-threshold update for early exit for the newmv-last mode,
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