Commit 47767609 authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu
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Remove vp9_idct16x16_10_add_ssse3()

The rotation computation using 2X of cos(pi/16) has a potential to
overflow 32 bit, this commit disable the function to allow further
investigation and optimization.

Change-Id: I4a9803bc71303d459cb1ec5bbd7c4aaf8968e5cf
parent 486a73a9
......@@ -305,13 +305,4 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(
TX_8X8, 12)));
SSSE3, PartialIDctTest,
TX_16X16, 10)));
} // namespace
......@@ -440,7 +440,7 @@ if (vpx_config("CONFIG_VP9_HIGHBITDEPTH") eq "yes") {
specialize qw/vp9_idct16x16_256_add sse2 neon dspr2/;
add_proto qw/void vp9_idct16x16_10_add/, "const tran_low_t *input, uint8_t *dest, int dest_stride";
specialize qw/vp9_idct16x16_10_add sse2 ssse3 neon dspr2/;
specialize qw/vp9_idct16x16_10_add sse2 neon dspr2/;
add_proto qw/void vp9_idct32x32_1024_add/, "const tran_low_t *input, uint8_t *dest, int dest_stride";
specialize qw/vp9_idct32x32_1024_add sse2 neon dspr2/;
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -138,7 +138,6 @@ VP9_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_MSA) += common/mips/msa/vp9_convolve_msa.h
VP9_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += common/x86/vp9_idct_intrin_sse2.c
VP9_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSE2) += common/x86/vp9_idct_intrin_sse2.h
VP9_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSSE3) += common/x86/vp9_idct_intrin_ssse3.c
ifeq ($(ARCH_X86_64), yes)
VP9_COMMON_SRCS-$(HAVE_SSSE3) += common/x86/vp9_idct_ssse3_x86_64.asm
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