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parent f84f9490
# Names should be added to this file like so:
# Name or Organization <email address>
# This file is automatically generated from the git commit history
# by tools/
Alex Converse <>
Andres Mejia <>
Fabio Pedretti <>
Frank Galligan <>
Guillermo Ballester Valor <>
James Zern <>
John Koleszar <>
Justin Clift <>
Luca Barbato <>
Makoto Kato <>
Paul Wilkins <>
Pavol Rusnak <>
Philip Jägenstedt <>
Scott LaVarnway <>
Timothy B. Terriberry <>
Tom Finegan <>
Yaowu Xu <>
Yunqing Wang <>
Google Inc.
The Mozilla Foundation
Timothy B. Terriberry <>
The Xiph.Org Foundation
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