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2020-07-29 v1.9.0 "Quacking Duck"
This release adds support for NV12, a separate library for rate control, as
well as incremental improvements.
- Upgrading:
NV12 support is added to this release.
A new interface is added for VP9 rate control. The new library libvp9rc.a
must be linked by applications.
Googletest is updated to v1.10.0. is compiled into a new library libsimple_encode.a with
- Enhancement:
Various changes to improve VP9 SVC, rate control, quality and speed to real
time encoding.
- Bug fixes:
Fix key frame update refresh simulcast flexible svc.
Fix to disable_16x16part speed feature for real time encoding.
Fix some signed integer overflows for VP9 rate control.
Fix initialization of delta_q_uv.
Fix condition in regulate_q for cyclic refresh.
Various fixes to dynamic resizing for VP9 SVC.
2019-12-09 v1.8.2 "Pekin Duck"
This release collects incremental improvements to many aspects of the library.
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