Commit 70a5104e authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Use number instead of string for eabi_attribute."

parents 0780f258 b73e6c89
......@@ -129,11 +129,14 @@ while (<STDIN>)
# ARM code
# eabi_attributes numerical equivalents can be found in the
# "ARM IHI 0045C" document.
# REQUIRE8 Stack is required to be 8-byte aligned
s/\sREQUIRE8/.eabi_attribute Tag_ABI_align_needed, 1/g;
s/\sREQUIRE8/.eabi_attribute 24, 1 \@Tag_ABI_align_needed/g;
# PRESERVE8 Stack 8-byte align is preserved
s/\sPRESERVE8/.eabi_attribute Tag_ABI_align_preserved, 1/g;
s/\sPRESERVE8/.eabi_attribute 25, 1 \@Tag_ABI_align_preserved/g;
# Use PROC and ENDP to give the symbols a .size directive.
# This makes them show up properly in debugging tools like gdb and valgrind.
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