Commit 7839fb98 authored by James Bankoski's avatar James Bankoski Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "add 10 and 12 bit to tiny_ssim"

parents 9df11a7c becab42e
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ TOOLS-yes += tiny_ssim.c
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx/vpx_integer.h y4minput.c y4minput.h \
vpx/vpx_codec.h vpx/src/vpx_image.c
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_mem/vpx_mem.c vpx_mem/vpx_mem.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_dsp/ssim.h vpx_scale/yv12config.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_ports/mem.h vpx_ports/mem.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_mem/include/vpx_mem_intrnl.h
tiny_ssim.GUID = 3afa9b05-940b-4d68-b5aa-55157d8ed7b4
tiny_ssim.DESCRIPTION = Generate SSIM/PSNR from raw .yuv files
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