Commit 786b124e authored by Marco Paniconi's avatar Marco Paniconi Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Revert "Remove the speed condition on scene detection in 1 pass code.""

parents 80992a74 8d438dc3
......@@ -3524,9 +3524,12 @@ static void encode_without_recode_loop(VP9_COMP *cpi, size_t *size,
// Scene detection is always used for VBR mode or screen-content case.
// For other cases (e.g., CBR mode) use it for 5 <= speed < 8 for now
// (need to check encoding time cost for doing this for speed 8).
if (cpi->compute_source_sad_onepass &&
(cpi->oxcf.rc_mode == VPX_VBR ||
cpi->oxcf.content == VP9E_CONTENT_SCREEN))
cpi->oxcf.content == VP9E_CONTENT_SCREEN ||
(cpi->oxcf.speed >= 5 && cpi->oxcf.speed < 8)))
// For 1 pass CBR SVC, only ZEROMV is allowed for spatial reference frame
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