Commit 8842ee0b authored by paulwilkins's avatar paulwilkins
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Corpus VBR tweak for undershoot.

In cases of strong undershoot adjust Q range down faster.

Change-Id: I84982beceb3c9b6dc50e52e4a6e891c7dd395d03
parent 2b247ae9
......@@ -3956,6 +3956,11 @@ static void encode_with_recode_loop(VP9_COMP *cpi, size_t *size,
// rate miss. If so adjust the active maxQ for the subsequent frames.
if (q > cpi->twopass.active_worst_quality) {
cpi->twopass.active_worst_quality = q;
} else if (q == q_low && rc->projected_frame_size < rc->this_frame_target) {
cpi->twopass.active_worst_quality =
VPXMAX(q, cpi->twopass.active_worst_quality - 1);
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