Commit 9b68ad0f authored by Yaowu Xu's avatar Yaowu Xu Committed by Paul Wilkins
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added 8x8 based Rate estimation for dualpred case

This commmit added logic for MB using dual-pred to compute rate
estimation based on correct transform size. The section of code
was previously located under #if CONFIG_DUALPRED, that was made
to be working with T8x8 experiment at the same time.

Change-Id: Iebc2518c03f11378b9c2e72905520f088b54d5c0
parent 9a8204d6
......@@ -2855,7 +2855,15 @@ void vp8_rd_pick_inter_mode(VP8_COMP *cpi, MACROBLOCK *x, int recon_yoffset, int
&x->e_mbd.predictor[320], 16, 8);
/* Y cost and distortion */
macro_block_yrd(x, &rate_y, &distortion, IF_RTCD(&cpi->rtcd.encodemb));
if(cpi->common.txfm_mode == ALLOW_8X8)
macro_block_yrd_8x8(x, &rate_y, &distortion,
macro_block_yrd(x, &rate_y, &distortion,
rate2 += rate_y;
distortion2 += distortion;
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