Commit 9bbcc20b authored by Jim Bankoski's avatar Jim Bankoski Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "This removes a test that fails on 32 bit"

parents ac1f0618 3dcb525b
......@@ -62,16 +62,6 @@ TEST_F(VP9FrameSizeTestsLarge, TestInvalidSizes) {
expected_res_ = VPX_CODEC_CORRUPT_FRAME;
// If we are on a 32 bit platform we can't possibly allocate enough memory
// for the largest video frame size (64kx64k). This test checks that we
// properly return a memory error.
if (sizeof(size_t) == 4) {
video.SetSize(65535, 65535);
expected_res_ = VPX_CODEC_MEM_ERROR;
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