Commit a5b54d73 authored by Ronald S. Bultje's avatar Ronald S. Bultje Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Fix ENTROPY_STATS code in vp9_tokenize.c." into experimental

parents 6344c84c b99dce68
......@@ -872,9 +872,8 @@ static void print_probs(FILE *f, vp9_coeff_accum *context_counters,
for (t = 0; t < MAX_ENTROPY_TOKENS; ++t)
coef_counts[t] = context_counters[type][ref][band][pt][t];
vp9_coef_encodings, vp9_coef_tree,
coef_probs, branch_ct, coef_counts);
vp9_tree_probs_from_distribution(vp9_coef_tree, coef_probs,
branch_ct, coef_counts, 0);
fprintf(f, "%s\n {", Comma(pt));
t = 0;
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