Commit b67e1f70 authored by Ranjit Kumar Tulabandu's avatar Ranjit Kumar Tulabandu Committed by Yunqing Wang
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Fix for out of range motion vector bug in joint motion search

Clamped the initial mv in vp9_refining_search_8p_c.


Change-Id: I47d302b350937e3e6e52e95c983b5fb0b4c64fba
parent 3c47a0dc
......@@ -2318,11 +2318,14 @@ int vp9_refining_search_8p_c(const MACROBLOCK *x, MV *ref_mv, int error_per_bit,
const struct buf_2d *const what = &x->plane[0].src;
const struct buf_2d *const in_what = &xd->plane[0].pre[0];
const MV fcenter_mv = { center_mv->row >> 3, center_mv->col >> 3 };
unsigned int best_sad =
unsigned int best_sad = INT_MAX;
int i, j;
clamp_mv(ref_mv, x->mv_limits.col_min, x->mv_limits.col_max,
x->mv_limits.row_min, x->mv_limits.row_max);
best_sad =
fn_ptr->sdaf(what->buf, what->stride, get_buf_from_mv(in_what, ref_mv),
in_what->stride, second_pred) +
mvsad_err_cost(x, ref_mv, &fcenter_mv, error_per_bit);
int i, j;
for (i = 0; i < search_range; ++i) {
int best_site = -1;
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